The penthouse had a wonderful view over the Triad crater, as they were calling it now. It had taken several months but things were slowly getting back to normal, ATs were being reactivated and reinstalled and the remaining Possessed were getting rounded up.

It had taken a while but after the explosion, it became clear that somehow, demons weren't coming through any more. The world was at a loss to explain it but ATs kept on working and the world needed them too much to give them up. After the mass panics, the removals and deactivations, the world gradually got back into AT usage and when it seemed safe, it was a matter of weeks before everything was back to normal.

Prices were cheap around the blast site. No-one wanted to live so close to voids in the Aether. Gabriella didn't have to worry about money any more but even so it was nice to get a deal. Better yet though, ATs this close to the void had trouble working and Gabriella had had more than enough of dealing with it. For her entire life it had been her eyes, her life. It had been the source of more misery than she could bare. To be rid of it, to go off the grid. It was bliss.

She looked out the window and watched the reconstruction work continue. The Technocracy were rebuilding the area around the crater in the first in a new set of collaborations with the other factions. Without the forced truce of Triad hanging over them and with the mutual damage they suffered, cooperation right now was more important than ideological differences. Obviously, there were those that felt differently and already several places had been attacked as part of various extremist attacks but generally, the world was still turning and seemed to be growing for the better.

She waddled over to the couch and sat down. Her belly was getting large now, she'd be due in a few more days. She'd decided to keep it in the end, even though she didn't know where it had come from. So many people had died and had no choice in the matter, she didn't feel right to end another one. Besides, she felt something else, some connection to her baby. Sometimes it scared her, what she felt, like the presence inside her was alien, unknowable. She put the thought out of her head though, she knew she was being looked after. Chair, or whatever it had become, was out there somewhere watching over them. She had no doubt in her mind it was keeping the world safe from demons.

Suddenly, she felt a contraction and a sudden pain. She was going into labour! She tried to let out a cry but choked on the pain that came rushing through her in waves. There was a noise at the door and Ursula walked in and seeing Gabriella on the floor quickly grabbed hold of her in a panic.


"It's time! The baby, it's coming!"

"I'll call an ambulance!"

* * * * *

Ursula was pacing back and forth, waiting for news. By the time they had reached the hospital it had become clear there were complications, possibly life threatening ones. Gabriella had been rushed into the operating theatre and Ursula hadn't seen her since. A Doctor came down the hall.


"Rosario. Yes, that's me." Ursula grinned, showing the ring on her finger. "What's happened, is everything all right?"

"As you know there were complications with the birth but we managed to rectify the problems and both mother and son are healthy as can be. You can go see them now."

Ursula beamed and ran into the ward the Doctor pointed to. Gabriella was laying there, a little boy bundled in fabric in her arms.


Gabriella looked up and smiled. "I know. I never thought...I didn't know...It's amazing."

Ursula sat down along side the bed and stroked Gabriella's hair.

"Can I hold him?"

Gabriella smiled and handed him over.

"I guess we should choose a name for him."

"I already have or should I say, we already have. He had some say in it too. I could feel it."

"So what is he called?"

Gabriella took him back from Ursula and began stroking his tiny bald head.

"He's called Michael."

The End

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