When the embarrassment had died down, Ursula got back down to business.

"Well, I might be able to sort something out about the demon Neutrals. I can see if I can pull some strings and get some backup from the DETF but I think I've burnt those bridges now."

"Well, see what you can do. We can't let Triad get killed."

"I remember it was just a day or so ago when you wanted to kill Triad." Gabriella said.

"Yeah. Things change."

"What happens if we can't get help?"

"Hell if I know."

"Not quite the answer we were hoping to hear."

"That''s all I've got. Sorry. I'm just a guy, not some military tactician."

While Michael and Gabriella talked Ursula called Gerald.

"You've got some nerve contacting us again Ursula. You managed to piss off a lot of people."

"I wouldn't call if this wasn't important. You need to haul ass to Triad's tower. Triad's own Neutrals have been possessed and are going ape on it's ass. If Triad goes down completely the incursions will go completely uncontested. It will be the Fracturing all over again."

"And why would I believe you? The way you acted, if I didn't know better I'd say you were one of them."

"Screw you. Think. If you were demons and the rest of your buddies were being blocked, what would you target?"

"Fair enough. We'll check it out, but I'm not making any promises."

"Then how about I sweeten the deal? You want to speak to Michael?"

"Michael? You're with him now? Bring him here!"

"He can talk to you from right here."

"He'll get possessed!"

"No he wont, that don't seem to be a problem for him any more, I'll let him explain."

Ursula closed the call and turned to Michael. "I'm AT-ing you the details of someone that can help. Talk to Gerald, he's our best chance of getting some help with the Triad situation."

Michael connected to the details he was sent through. "Hello?"

"This is Michael?"

"Yes, whose this?"

"I'm a... friend... of Ursula's. I'm with the DETF. My names Gerald, I'd like to talk about what you talked to Triad about and how you can use an AT without risking possession."


"Well, start from the beginning."

"Triad had me picked up from my home. When I arrived, it spouted some nonsense at me, well, now that I think of it maybe it's something more."

"What did Triad say?"

"It said 'A shallow scarab with a yellow eye, the four clocks wind down sunwards, the demon machine is coming on an arid breeze.'"

"And that's all it said?"

"Yeah, I know. I don't understand it either."

"Well it obviously means something if the demons were so interested in finding out. We'll look into it."

"Well maybe you can ask Triad yourself. Will you help?"

"We're dispatching a team now. Thank you for talking with me Michael."

"Yeah, sure."

Ursula raised at eyebrow at him. "How'd it go?"

"We've got a goer. They're dispatching a team now."

"So we wait?"

"Hell no. I haven't told you the whole story yet."

"The whole story?"

"You know Tetherson was my father?"

"Yes" Gabriella said.

"Well Triad's my mother."


"Well, it least part of it. The woman, leader of the Aetherics after Tetherson died, apparently."

"That mean that both your parents are..."

"Yeah, both of them are hive minds. What does that make me?"

Ursula answered. "Someone with one hell of a screwed up family tree."

The End

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