"After you contacted the Aetheric regarding Michael, the proverbial hit the fan."

"Wait, you knew about Michael?"

"Not at first, I'll get to that, this is what we managed to piece together from various intel. As I was saying, after the contacted Michael, our mole reported a massive increase of activity in the area."

"Demons. They wanted Michael?"

"That's what we believe, yes. We mobilized immediately, one of the most prestigious Aetheric universities is near the crater area so we needed to make sure nothing nasty happened."

"Yes, that's why I dropped Michael off there. Some contacts I had at the university wanted to talk to him about his meeting with Triad. Obviously I couldn't just waltz in so they were going to meet up with him out side the campus."

"They never made it. Turns out demons had infiltrated the school already. Guess who met Michael."

"Damn it."

"From what we could tell, Michael managed to escape with the help of some university students, but not before a couple deaths took place. When we got there our agent was dead, the university was in chaos, as you might imagine."

"But it wasn't over was it?"

"No. We think Michael or the student with him, who we now know to be a Miss Gabriella Rosario, might have been possessed by a demon they killed during their escape."

"Holy crap! Only the really powerful ones can jump bodies without using a direct AT connection."

"Yep, they pulled out the big guns for Michael. Whatever he talked to Triad about, or whatever he knows, seems it's worth a lot to the Possessed. From what we can gather, this demon put out a call to arms to chase them down and then, somehow, it was silenced and Michael vanished. We have no idea where he's gone or even if he's safe. It could be that he was possessed and they got the info out of him that way."

"That makes sense, otherwise he'd have AT-ed for help, he had my details." Arthur said pensively. "Crap, you know what this means."

"I don't having to kill friends any more than you do, Arthur. Something has to be done though. We need to capture Michael and find out what he knows and why that thing inside him wanted to know so badly. When we reached the scene, there were a lot of Possessed there, they'd come crawling out of the woodwork and swarmed the place. It was one hell of a fight. We managed to kill most of them and capture one, the other captive committed suicide. A few escaped but overall it was a win-win situation for us, we've never had so many in one place before, we managed to deal them a large blow yesterday."

"So, you want me to find out what's going on with this other captive, see what it knows." Arthur said, standing up.

"That's the idea. You don't need to start now, you only just got here, relax a bit."

"No, Michael was a friend, if these scum have done anything to him then I want to make it right. We do this now."

Gerald nodded solemnly and the rest of the team looked stone-faced, each one remembering the ones they'd lost similarly.

Arthur gave each one a knowing look and turned around, walking out of the room.

"The cells are down on the right." Matt called out after him.

"I know." Arthur replied without emotion as he passed out of earshot.

The End

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