Tell Me A Theory

When Michael came to he is in a dark, dimly lit cell. He could still smell the musky stench of Triad in the air so he wasn't far away.

"I see you are awake."

Michael looked up to see a neutral standing on the other side of the bars, Triad's voice emanating from it's grill-covered mouth.

"What happened? How the hell did I get here? What have you done!?"

"Questions, questions. It's always the questions with you Michael. Why don't you actually start making some facts of your own for a change? There, a question for you. Now it's your turn to answer for once."

Michaels blood boiled but he maintained his composure. "Why don't I start taking control of my life? Because freaks like you pull my out of my home and dump me in the middle of nowhere! That's why! Now tell me you three-part SOB, what did you do to me, how did I get here? Where's Gabriella and Chair?"

"Promise you wont lash out and this drone will take you to them. I'm not your jailer Michael, you are."

Michael chose to ignore that and just nodded his consent. The bars slid back and Neutral led him further into the building. The corridors were similar to the ones he had seen on his first visit but different. they seemed newer, less worn, better maintained. As they stepped deeper into the building the acrid smell got stronger. Finally they emerged into a tall chamber.

Flesh hung from the ceiling as if a huge steak had melted somehow. It was like a chandelier of intestines and thick, pinkish tendrils pulsing with some hidden power beneath their surface. Metal cables passed in and out of various sockets into the amorphous fleshy substance, bracers with strange readout were clamped around tendrils, seemingly it random. He could see a small, beetle-like robot fiddling with a stray tendril and he watched it for a moment. After a few moments he realised it wasn't just fiddling with it, it was growing it, puking flesh out of itself in a kind of reverse eating of the tendril. Over the course of a few minutes it had added several feet to the tendril and plugged into into a wall socket. Fluid suddenly pumped into it and the room was flooded with a foul stench until some kind of air filter hummed into life and sucked the smell away.

"Welcome Michael. Am I what you were expecting?" A voice spoke.

"Triad. This is you isn't it? The real you. What is that upstairs then? Those mounds?"

"They were me, a long time ago, but now they are relics, like an appendix. They served their purpose but have long since atrophied from disuse. The human body was never well suited to this."

"Almost sounds like you regret."

"Nonsense, I am what I am, I was never any one of those humans. Mournng their loss would be to wish myself dead, unlike you humans suicide holds no appeal for me."

"You wanted to show me something. Where are Gabriella and Chair?"


Chair bounded into the room and wrapped itself around Michael in what could only be described as a joyous motion, as much as a Chair can express joy. It nudged him over into it's seat and Michael let himself fall down into the comfy chair. He was glad Chair was okay. The tendrils shuddered and Gabriella dropped from the ceiling, suspended by thick tendrils that clamped over her naked bodies orifices.


"Sit Michael, I do her no harm. I'm merely checking her, she was bringing a visitor with her when arrived."

"A demon."

"Yes, and demons are notorious for clinging on. They fuse with their hosts if they can, to try and claw any grip they can onto the material world, even it the risk of losing part of themselves to become something new. I'm making sure she is still her."

"And if she isn't?"

"Then she'll need to be disposed of, there is nothing to be done and we get have more composites running around. One is quite enough for this world."

Michael watched with distaste as the tendrils pumped and sucked at Gabriella naked form suspended before him. Despite himself he felt aroused by the grotesque display.

"I didn't need to see this Triad."

"But you did. You need to understand. Need to focus. Do you even understand why I took away your AT? Why I stopped you from being able to use your implants to maintain your emotional control."

Michael thought about it, given the events, he was beginning to form an idea.

"Go on."

"No Michael, I know what you're thinking. Tell me your theory."

Michael rolled his eyes and turned his gaze away from Gabriella.

The End

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