"There is some kind of events in motion here, first Triad, now demons. Something is happening in the Aether, I'm sure of it."

"Well, I don't see anything and I don't know much about any of that."

"But you do know something - you can see this, what was it you called it? This 'thread' of mine. The demons seem interested in me, Triad seems to have some kind of interest too and I know I sure as hell want to find whatever it is that I'm missing. "

"So we follow it and see where it leads?"

"I guess so - if you're willing that is. You have a life to go back to, uni to finish, parents, right?"

"Not really, Casey was the only thing that mattered back there and now shes gone. Besides, I can't go back, I'm pretty sure the professors, at least some of them anyway, were working with that thing that killed her. I'd be walking straight into their arms if I went back."

"Fair enough. So, where do we go from here?"

Gabriella looked into the Aether and looked at the thread. It was pointing East.

"East, it seems to be headed back over the sea. Maybe it's back in the UK."

"Great, so I'm back to square one. I need to find a way back there."

"Don't you have any friends. Any one you can call to come out here and get you?"

"No I don't, I've always kinda kept to myself and even if I did I have no way of contacted them. Triad, I think, did something to my AT. Removed it somehow with some kind of virus or nanomachine or something."

"What? Why?"

"Hell if I know. Triad is insane for all I can tell, it pulled me from my home, spouted a few sentences of gibberish at me and then dumped me in New York."

"What did it say?"

"Something about a shallow scarab with a yellow eye and four clocks winding sunwards. And the demon machine! You think it was trying to warn me?"

"Maybe, what did it say about the demon machine?"

"It said it was coming. Coming on an arid breeze."

"Coming on an arid breeze, what does that mean?"

Michael laughed. "I told you, it makes no sense."

"I can't believe that, Triad is something profound, something more than us all, we can't be expected to understand it, it said those things for a reason, I'm sure of it."

"You people really buy into that crap don't you?"

"You people?" Gabriella said, hurt and defensive.

Michael stuttered. "I- I didn't mean the disabled, I meant Aetherics, you really believe in Triad don't you?"

"Well, it worked didn't it? And more so, we know for a fact that the human soul is an Aetheric construct. Tetherson proved that with his research. Triad isn't just a normal human, it's three as one, can you even imagine the Aetheric presence it has, the power, the connection it has to each and every one of us, just as I am connected to you and every other thing? It's beyond comprehension."

"Then we agree on something!" Michael laughed. "Look, I wont try and crap all over your beliefs, but when you've met Triad for yourself, and when this" He said, gesturing to himself and his bruises "happens as a consequence, you tend to take on a somewhat different perspective."

Gabriella just smiled awkwardly. She didn't really have much to say to that. They stood in an awkward silence for a while. "So, what do we do? We can't get over to England without catching a plane or something"

The End

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