So, What Now?

"So what now?" Michael asked when they finally stopped.

"I'm not sure. I really don't know."

Chair was equally perplexed and didn't offer anything further to the conversation.

"Well, we should probably try and work out what's going on." Gabriella said resolutely. "I want the people that did this to get what they deserve."

Michael watched Gabriella's eyes glisten and glower with anger. "Same here. They tortured me, they were convinced I knew something more than I was letting on. That I can some kind of connection with Triad. They were obsessed with it. Triad's involved somehow. How do you come into it?"

"I'm just too nice for my own good, and the good of others. If I hadn't been curious, hadn't tried to help maybe Casey would be alive right now."

"Look, you can't blame yourself, nothing's that simple."

"Isn't it? That man killed her, simple as. It's easy for you to say, what have you lost? Crap, of course, sorry."

"Okay, look, I'm sorry, I really am. I'm just saying that dwelling on what happened isn't going to change anything... what? What do you mean?"

Gabriella looked concerned and confused. "You've lost something, you're missing something, some part of you. The thing on the thread."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Michael yelled. "How do you know how I feel? How could you?"

"I'm blind."

"What? You were driving just now!"

"Well, I'm not totally blind, just blind in the conventional sense. I trained myself to see Aetherically. And in the Aether, you're missing something. You're connected to a missing thing by a thread, a thread in the Aether. I'd never seen anything like it before, that's why I wanted to find out more about you."

Michael wasn't listening though, he was still absorbing what Gabriella had said. So, it wasn't just in his head, part of his Aetheric self was actually gone. It explained things, why he felt so empty, so disconnected. He was connected to something though, something at the end of this thread, perhaps that's why he felt the need to search for something so strongly, he had this link all along but no means of finding it, of seeing where it led. Gabriella and her gift changed all that.

And now the tangle with these people, the torture, Triad. What was happening? So far Gabriella and he hadn't discussed the obvious - the man and what he had said. Gabriella had seen something in him, something in human. The term was well known if somewhat discarded as a story to scare children.

"That man was a demon wasn't he, a Possessed. That's what you meant when you said he wasn't human." Michael said, it was statement rather than a question.


The End

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