Treygandon; Stalker of the night

For the Tales of Terror Halloween Contest! Supernatural zombie story

Why had I chosen to go this way, 16 year-old Sarah Montgomery asked herself. The alley in front of her was dark, no lights at either end. The surrounding walls were brick and cold. The path itself was only about 3 feet wide. She checked her watch by the light of the moon, and it read 11:55 PM. Great, she thought rolling her eyes, I'm gonna be late for the dance. 

You see, tonight was the night of the Halloween Dance at Sarah's high school, and she didn't want to be late because she was going to be named Hallow's Queen. This honor was right up there with Prom Queen and Homecoming Queen at her school. And, well, it wasn't set in stone that she would win, but when everyone saw her in her  new knee-high black dress, lace on the bodice and no shoulders (a designer, of course) she was a shoo-in. She grinned smugly as she had this thought and kept on walking.

She was almost at the end of the alley, only about 10 feet left before the Main Street broke through, when she heard a crash from behind her. She stopped and spun around. There was nothing there. She looked to her sides assuming she had knocked over a trash can, but there was nothing in the street except for a dumpster a few yards behind her. Shaking it off, she turned back and restarted her walk, taking her strides just a bit faster.

There was another crash and Sarah whipped around, her black hair hitting her face and blocking her view. She brushed it away and peered into the darkness. At first, she didn't see anything. I-it must have been an animal, she thought. Yes, it was a cat, I'm sure of it. Slowly she spun on her heels and took a small step. Then another, slightly stronger step. Then a- A crash! Sarah didn't look back now. She began jogging as she reassured herself, A cat, it's just a cat! She tried to ignore the sound of footsteps behind her as she screamed the word Cat! Cat! over and over again in her head.

Suddenly, she felt pain from the top of her head and she was yanked backwards and fell to the ground. Something was gripping her hair and at the same time something else was pinning her down on the cold wet ground. 

"NO! NO!" Sarah shouted again and again. But the thing had already stuffed something soft and large in her mouth and her cries were obstructed. Tears started to fall down her cheeks as a figure in a ski mask and black sweatshirt grabbed her wrists and started pulling off the bracelets on her arm. When they were all off he went to her neck and stripped of a solid gold necklace her mother had given her when she was little. Sarah tried to shout, but it only sounded like a whimper.

For one split second, the thing holding her head and arms down faltered, and Sarah managed to give the person on top of her a good sock in the jaw, also ripping off his mask at the same time. The monster underneath the mask was none other than her ex-boyfriend Tim, whom she had broken up with because he had wanted to be more than she had wanted to be. She looked into his eyes, pleading with him not to do this. But his eyes glinted furiously, and he smiled sickly. Sarah just shut her eyes, knowing there was nothing else she could do.

Suddenly Tim screamed and her eyes popped open just in time to see Tim fly off of her and hit the brick wall on her left. Hard. He crumpled to the ground and didn't get back up. Then the pressure on her head and shoulders disappeared and the other person took off running the opposite way down the street, glancing back to look at the air above Sarah. She too looked above her, but saw nothing. She looked back to the person, but he was gone. Tim still lied there, but was still breathing. Against her will, she sighed a breath of relief. In an instant she was standing upright, shaking down her dress and looking around for her savior. 

Her mouth hung open. The street was deserted. A wave of worry hit her. Was this another trick? Her breathing sped up and she found herself backed up against the bricks, clinging at the wall so she wouldn't fall again. She peered into the darkness. As her eyes adjusted, she could see the street not so far away. Should she make a run for it?

"Wait," something whispered from the darkness.

"Who's there?" Sarah gasped, clutching at her heart. No, no, this can't be happening again! Her breaths became short and ragged as she waited seconds for a response. None came.

"I won't hurt you," a ragged voice mummured in the darkness. At the other side of the alley, something began to appear. At first it was just a blur of red and brown, almost as if the colors on the brick wall were expanding. But after a few seconds, the image sharpened and  a male figure was standing not feet from Sarah. Her eyes grew wide in horror and she had to search for her voice.

"Wha-what do you want? I have nothing left!" She cried, closing her eyes and shrinking into the wall.

A frigid hand touched her arm lightly and she cautiously opened her eyes to look at the man next to her. He was staring down into her eyes, his eyes an unbelievable blue that made her soft chocolate brown eyes look like weeds among a beautiful flower garden. His hair was a short sandy blonde and he was very well built, his muscles bulging out underneath his black sweater and unbuttoned leather jacket. His pants were pressed and well tailored and his shoes looked designer. 

Well dressed for someone who just fought off two thugs. She felt a stab of remorse at the harsh memory. Her eyes started to water and she fell into the stranger's outreached arms, only to continue and hit the black ground. She twisted around and looked up in disbelief at the unusual man. His pink lips were turned down in a grimace and his eyes hidden underneath thick, black eyelashes.

"Who are you?" Sarah whispered softly. He didn't look at her. A quiet chuckle emerged from him, but it wasn't happy. It was agonizing. He murmured to the ground,

"I'm Trey. Someone you should have never met." Suddenly, his lips turned up. He smiled sweetly at her and turned on his heels, walking swiftly away from her. Wait, she longed to call after him. Don't leave me. A thousand questions formed in her mind, swirling like a tornado waiting to be unleashed on this unlucky bystander. But the words could not pick the lock placed so firmly on her lips now. She simply stared after him as he walked to the end of the alley.

When he reached the street, to Sarah's surprise, the handsome man turned around and stared at her frozen body. His lips twitched ever so slightly, forming what seemed to be impossible, yet unmistakably, I love you. Sarah's breathing halted, as did her heart. Her mind only thought of those three simple words, which might not have even been said, she reminded herself. But her being knew it was true. As her insides melted her exterior, the mystery man's words were echoed on her glossy lips. She could've sworn he grinned when this happened. But the next second his mask of sadness was back and he turned around and walked into the street, truly disappearing into the lights before her eyes.

Sarah jumped up and sprinted to the end of the path, frantically looking for any sign of her mysterious savior. But he was gone. There was absolutely no trace of the man she had proclaimed her love to. The man whom she had given her heart to without even knowing it.

"No," she muttered to the empty street. "No." She closed her eyes when they began to water and bent her head, listening as hard as she could for an answer to her question. Even a footstep to let her know that he was still there. She thought the question over and over in her mind, searching for him, becoming the question, her love the answer. And she asked.

"What are you?"

The word was a whisper on the wind, the breeze bouncing off of every wall around her, echoing in her head a thousand times before the noise stopped and a final word trickled down inside her.


The End

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