. . . .

Elysia Martell made her way down the stairs of the Inn, pulling the hem of her sleeve to cover a thin scar across the back of her hand. Thomas James, her young assistant, had banged on the door for a ten minutes until she finally yelled for him to wait downstairs.

Maybe it was her job as Keeper of Records (Trey, Arowyn, and her brother had all insisted on it), that kept her wondering through the historical pages of Dehlyn. Maybe it was for the Duke of Plight, whos job no one knew anything about (The Duke of Plight was Arowyn's childhood friends, also called Thomas).

She hurried down, greeting some of the regulars who came to the inn, and nodding to Lalaine as she pushed Thomas James out the door and down the street to see to their next patient.

But something stopped her. .

"Miss Martell?" her assistant asked in a confused voice.

A face in the croweded square. . . . .She knew it.

The wavy, dark hair. The dark, hollowed out eyes that looked through you, knew all that went on around him. The high cheekbones, pale face. The handsome nose that also belonged to Arowyn. . . . . An arrow had pierced his chest during the last battle.

The man who had murdered Old Tiberius, burned Virden Palace, tortured his own daughter.


"Miss Martell!" Thomas James turned to face her.

The man in the crowd saw her watching. He looked right into her eyes. No, go away from here. . .you're dead. Elysia begged told him. Please let him leave. . .

He looked at her for a long moment. Then, with a nod and an unreadable look on his face, he vanished into the square, the inexpensive suit blending perfectly in the crowd.

"Miss Martell! What on earth is the matter with you? We have patients to see to, do you not remember?"

Elysia sighed tiredly and looked at his innocent, confused face for a moment, and quickly kissed the young man. "My company is yours and my brother's from now on." she said softly, and stepped back. "Do not let me down, Thomas."

She felt like Arowyn for a moment, going after the unknown for no reason whatsoever.

Elysia Jane Martell dissappeared into the crowd, going to follow a man who wasn't even supposed to exist.

The End

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