The Epilogue

It took a few years to drive the Norwans off.

Once with out leaders, they just did what they did best. Eventually, they either settled down, their hatered subsiding, were killed, or fled the land. Now they are naught but playground bullies without dignity. The newer Lord Thane had a long process for driving them off. He has also discovered the power of his father's famous glare.

Trey is ruling now, and doing a very good job of it, with Arowyn Gascon, Derek Thane, Merric Korman, and Landon of Alvilaid by his side, as well as Brendan Cameron traveling as his sole ambassador, Kate Martell his co-spymaster, and Alina of Alvilaid in command of his armies. Avira is the Elves' representative at court.

You may wish to know how things are run here. Despite being recorder, I am also in the spy network, being owner of the most successful inn in the entire country. Even the king comes to see us nowadays.

Arowyn is the closest advisor of Trey, much to my dissapointment. Trey is married a young woman named Elisabeth, who is beautiful, wise, elegant and dangerous. I could not expect more for Trey.

Kate and Landon manage the network together, getting information from the most stupid yet effective places, as they did during our time in the shadows. House Cameron is also still a place of intrigue. Landon has also kept his carefree grin, even as a responsible person.

Yes, all is well nowadays. Usually.

Most have chosen to spend this dwindling day at court, but I have saught refuge in the top tower of the Plough Stone, which has expanded over the years.

Though the previous Recorder, Lady Thane, would have kept the records in the new palace, I refuse to move them. It was enough trouble convincing Derek to let me move them here!  Arowyn tells me I am paranoid.

But, unforunately, my time isn't the longest one to write today. I am being called for by Thomas. As usual, it's me who has to help heal people, not my assistant.

Well, I will leave you now. Lalaine as bartender of the inn, my friends in their rightful places, and you reading this script.

Live free or let us die,

Elysia Martell


First Recorder of Brome Hill Palace.

The End

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