The End

As Elysia and Derek ran back, so the best and shapest archer, known as Death's Helper, or Kairious, by the Norwans, made ready to take aim and fire.

Arowyn and Trey made ready to face the man who had become their enemy, they were swept away. Another hundred pressed in, nearly binding the Salt of the Earth into one spot. . .

It was all Kairious needed. His eye found Bennett, who had clad himself in bright battle garments, and he fired.

An arrow was also knocked, aimed and fired by Alina, who had joined the company of archers. Her arrow, striaght and true, buried itself deep into the neck of the minotaur, who was finished off by Lord Thane.

They saw him go down, and ran to him. To the surprise of all, Trey ran to catch the man as he fell, Arowyn kneeling beside him. Bennett's eyes shone alight with battle one last time, looked to his daughter for their last. 

"I. . "  The two leaned forward to hear. "I'm sorry."

The Norwan officials, taking turns staring through a looking-glass, saw their puppet had finally been thrown away. Their minotaur was also dead. But why were reinforcements coming for their enemies?


Elysia, grabbing a sword off the ground, pulled her cloak back  to reveal shining chain-mail. Screaming, she threw herself into battle just in time to see Thomas swept away in the throng of fighting soldiers. Dropping the sword, she began to push her way through the crowd.

"Thomas!" She yelled, not caring how many scrapes she had. She pushed through, seeing him stumble on a ledge. Finally getting through, she reached out to grab his hand. . . .

and saved the life of a man.

Right then, as Joren Bennett drew his last breath, the Elves charged. Though they brought up the numbers to twelve hundred, their agility, strength, timing and almost endless stamina, slowly began to draw away the strength of the Norwan soldiers.

After hours of fighting, a horn was sounded. 

Landon, Avira, Arowyn, Trey, Elysia, Darien and Korman (followed by Lord Gascon, who had insisted on the whole idea) all fought and found the Norwan officals, and cornered them

Landon pressed his sword against the center man, and with six swift sword strokes from Lord Gascon, the officials were gone.

Once this was realised, the Norwans, revenge or not, had no commanders, and no idea what to do next.

The End

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