the search

Bennett's troops were stopped. "What is he doing?" his officials demanded.  "Leaving?"  Bennett shook his head.

"Go and find Elysia, tell her to take Derek with her to the Thane's house." Trey whispered.  He waited until Chris was well away from the front lines, then mounted and charged without a moment's thought.

Chris ran to find her. He finally spotted her speaking with her father and Alina.

Bennett's army, the Norwan army was ordered to charge.

The Salt of the Earth, split to three scarce companies, hit them fast.

Elysia took Derek Thane and stole away from the battle to find old records inside House Thane.

The army was using a small but effective pincer on the army. Archers circled the battlefield, loading and fireing and reloading. The elves traveled to the edge of the forest, ready to strike.


Bennett fought with his army, fighting his way to Trey. He needed to finish what he had started.  So Trey fought his way to the High Lord Dictator. The Norwan generals were strong and fast, and the Salt of the Earth was determined, filled with both stamina and hope.

Elysia Martell and Derek Thane ran through the tunnels of Old City, attempting to locate the entrance closest to House Thane.  Once they finally did, they climbed out, ran past House Great, and burst in through an old porter's entrance.

Arowyn also fought her way towards her father, hoping that she could stop him and Trey from making a foolish mistake.


"Where is it?"

"Confound it all, Derek you said you knew! Think, we're running out of time."   Derek sighed. "The center tower, I think, is where records are kept. Obvious i know, but it's got a great-"

Elysia took off. 

"-view." Derek finished and ran after her.

A loud grunt, almost like a bull's was heard.  "A minotaur?" Arowyn said to Trey. She had caught up to him, and they were fighting side by side. 

"I believe so." Trey threw his shield aside and jumped, pulling Arowyn out of the way of the rampaging creatue.

"Got it!" Elysia forced an old book out from a pile, arranged by years. "Family histories?" she said in dissapointment. "Why would we need one of these?" 

Derek opened it, flipping through until he spotted a familiar name.

"Oh, my lord." Elysia whispered as she traced names.

The End

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