His Mightiness, the High Lord Dictator Joren Bennett, was not feeling as mighty as he should have at that moment.

His pact with the theives had failed to even proceed in the slightest.

Next to a tiny company, only half a score, there were no archers. Their swords were not of the best design.

He could beat them by sheer strength of numbers, overpowering their army of eight hundred, for the Norwans soldiers numbered to over ten thousand.

His plan was foolproof.

But it seemed as if he had been bested somehow. . . .

As if he had the wrath of a crippled leader to prove himself, as she had been once. A crippled warrior who only wished to defend the people she was bonded to through blood.

Yes, he had Norwan blood. His great-grandmother had been a Norwan general; his great-grandfather, a Major in the Soorian army.

She had been crippled in battle, and he had saved her, and cared for her. Eventually they fell in love, as people tend to, and conceived a child, Bennett's own grandfather. After two years of keeping her and child in a secret place, she left him and the child. Only one other person knew.

It had been kept from him, by an elder Lord, a Korman, who had helped pact the Council all those years ago. When Bennett  found out, he had left in a rage.

Left the children, left his wife, left the Council. To finish what was started. Now here he was, consumed by his own blood, ready to kill the people who were bonded to him so closely.

He had almost succeeded. By taking Arowyn away, he was taking away his first and most direct line. They probably hadn't even told her, and he would rather die then see his own flesh and blood fighting against him when she was, in fact, a part of her own ememies.

He would rather die, but he refused, because if he died now, his cause was lost. So he gave the order to charge. . . . . . . .


"Wait!"  a voice called. "I know the answer to the riddle!"

A young boy, Chris the son of Kelly, ran across the front lines to Trey.  "I must speak with our Lord Thane. He will have the records." Chris said to Trey, who dismounted and gave the signal to wait.

"What records?"

The End

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