The fight

The armies were assembled, both sides waiting for the other's death.

Now, the High Lord Dictator, much to the surprise of his men, was growing constantly suspicious. He knew who that young man had been now, he knew everything. A former palace servant who had once worked there had told him everything, on the pain of death of course.

The young man was Trey Virden, and Arowyn was once his tutor!

Now, Thomas could have gathered this information easily, he had the best contacts gold could buy. But no! he had withheld that information, chosen to lie. He was a traitor.

The only highlight was that his daughter had inherited his family's argumentative nature, along with the famous stamina of the Gascons. Still, a bad combination when torturing a sisteen-year-old-girl with a will stronger then your own!


The Elite of the Council had come together, to go over battle strategy with their army commanders. Lord Gascon, Duke Korman, Lord and Lady Cluere, Lady Brighton, Lord Thane, Avira, Fortsight, Arowyn, Alina, Trey, and his company (the twins, Korman, Derek Thane, and Landon). The Martell family was also present.

Their army was known as the Salt of the Earth.

Elves and peasants, theives and nobles, commoners and kings and servants, council members and proteges, all there together in the unnaturally cold weather to fight the last fight.

The only fight.

". . .we take our three divisons along. The Legion is ready to go through the Forest to attack from the rear. Kate will take charge of the archers, and Alina has the rest of the details concerning our plan."

Alina began to speak then.  "Trey will lead the three companies, whilst our three subcommanders follow him at my orders. Trey,  Kate, Duke Korman, Lord Thane, Lord Gascon, you all know what to do. Command your divisions however you like, remember the basics of our plan. Your corproals and generals know the chain of command already."

"The three of us have all been in battle at least once, young lady." Lord Gascon interrupted. A shocked "Father!" was to be heard from Lady Cluere.

"Grandfather, Alina is here to help us, not wound your pride. She has been a great help and a tremendous asset to us. If you would show her the respect of our forefathers, it would be more appropriate."  Arowyn smoothly chatised her grandfather and nodded to Alina.

"We will offer our terms once more, and if he refuses, then we will fight. Avira and Landon will take the Legion around the long way and cripple them from behind."


So, they offered their terms once more.

He refused.

Trey reared his horse, and they prepared to charge.

The End

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