Assemble and Prepare


Kathryna yelled, practically dragging Alyssa behind her. She burst into the Holding room and glanced down at her five-year-old brother Jackson. "Get him out of here, Mama. They found us!"

Not even blinking, Lady Cluere began shouting out orders to those present who had gathered for the next Council Holding.

"Kate, get word to Landon and Aroywn." She glanced around the room for a brief momnet.

"Avira?" she asked. The dark-skinned elf jumped up and nodded. "Assemble the Legion." Avira nodded and ran out of the room, Kate following suit.

"The rest of you, I assume, know what to do. We must be ready at any moment. Jacob, alert our allies among the nobles. We need the Kormans, the Thanes, the Brightons, the Gascons, and several other members ready for action. Kathryna, Alyssa, find our safe place for all the women and children. I will take Jackson there once I explain."

This last sentence caused protests form both girls.

"Alright, take him now. I will speak with him later, once the dictator comes." 

"Jackson." Kathryna held out her hand. The small boy took her hand, Alyssa holding his other. They ran to the place where the women and children would hide until the fight was over, and prepared for the arrival.


Josh had joined the fight now, making it an almost steady fight of four to seven. Only knocking them unconcious, Josh and Arowyn took hold of their weapons.

Alina stood, clutching the dagger that she had found in the Holding room. The people usually gathered in a seperate room, then made their way to the room that Alina prepared.

Landon jumped away from an unconscious soldier to hug his best friend since he was twelve.

Kate came running onto the scene with two soldiers, the same who had accompanied her when she had confonted Trey. "What happened here?" she demanded.

"You didn't kill them, did you?" She asked. Landon shook his head.

"Good. Not all Norwans are that loyal. We may be able to get something out of them. To be prepared." she added.

She walked over to  her cousin. "As soon as preparations are made, we'll have a meeting. Everyone on the Council will assemble, that means you as well. " Arowyn nodded. "And if I know your mother well. ." Arowyn nodded  and finished for her cousin.

"It's time for an appearance."

The End

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