Oh no

They had practically jumped down the tunnel. Korman landed at the chute and nodded to Arowyn, Landon and Chris. They ran off to the center of Old City, to examine the documents and wait. But they did not know that they had been followed.

Alina, who was preparing a place for the next Council Holding, heard the clank of armour. She heard the gruff voice of the patrol leader yelling for his six men to break down the door. Smartly grabbing the sword that had Korman had left behind for her to guard, she slowly unlocked the door, and waited. . .

"Harder!" the patrol leader yelled. Six men battered into the large door once again.

"Put your back into it, men!" he yelled. Then, as if on cue, the door opened and they all fell through.


They all heard her. They also heard the sharp sound of metal breaking.

"Alina!" Landon yelled. He would know her anywhere. They four of them took off to where they had heard her, and found her trying ot fight two soldiers, with five more laughing as they circled her.


Arowyn grabbed a sword from one of the soldiers and raced in there. "Chris, get help!" She yelled.

Landon also raced into the fight, barehanded, with Korman to back him up. 

And Chris ran to find help, nearly tumbling into Alyssa, Kathryna, and Josh ten minutes and three corridors afterwards.

The End

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