"Where are they?!" Lady Brighton whispered.


They were, of course, searching for the papers. Arowyn was trying, with no avail, to open a sealed drawer.  "Oh, confound it all where is it!" she yelled, she pounded a solid fist on the drawer, then stood.

"We're done here. We'll find it another time."

"I should think not, Arowyn, for ye've opened it." Landon called from a high bookshelf.


Arowyn knelt down and pulled the drawer open.

Korman stiffened, and turned to look at Chris, who in turn looked to Arowyn.


"Landon!" Arowyn whispered.

"Come up!" he motioned to a small opening, which he had been searching for the entire time..

Chris scaled the ladder, followed by Arowyn . Derek had gone back to his parents a while ago, stopping to chat with the guards, asking how the system worked (he was pretending to be a wide-eyed youth who was interested in old castles).

Korman closed and locked the door, rearranged it so it was exactly how they found it. Then he too climbed up the ladder, pushing it a ways over before covering up the opening and following his friends through a sloping tunnel that lead into Old City.

They had made it out.


The End

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