The ceremony was long, boring, and they couldn't even see it. Landon, who had managed to squeeze past most of the lower-ranking nobles, sighed. He hated to cause chaos in such a beautiful building. Then again, it would be like old days, before he had gone on the mission.

He could run, sweeping up Alina as he passed her... . .

No. Not anymore.

That wasn't who he was anymore. He knew it, everybody knew it. But with everything going on; the Council pressing him, the constant reminders of Alina,Arowyn's taunts. . . .

He had to do something.

But now, that something wasn't what he was doing. He sighed as he knelt down next to a pew, pretending to relace his boot. What he was really doing was rigging the pew, of course. The old construction helped greatly. One trip, and the whole room would go into chaos. For a moment, he grinned his old grin.

No, it wouldn't be like old times, but close enough for now.


Korman worked calmly and quietly, making sure not to make any noise. He quickly finished his work, and climbed out of the rafters. If the timing was right, The large sound of a bell would echo through the building, making it easy for them to escape.

He went back to his position, to wait.

Derek Thane quickly grew bored of ceremony, and wondered how long it would take for the chaos to begin to that he could slip out. He noticed Lady Brighton being helped from the room. It would be soon.

Suddenly, their pew fell.

The next thing he knew, he had slipped away, and he was running down a distant corridor of House Great.

"Ten minutes, go!" Arowyn whispered as they reached the office. She whipped an extra bobby pin out of her hair and handed it to Chris, who immediately knelt down and began to pick the lock.

"Why doesn't he do it?" Chris whispered, nodding to Landon.

"It's not my area of expertise, lad. Jus' pick the lock." Landon whispered back. 

"Done!" Chris stood up, and pushed the door open. 

They were in.

The End

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