Good news and bad news

For some reason, they had ended up late for their first Council Holding in six years. They had spent half the day rehearsing all the formalities, courtesy of Alina, who was pining to be an advisor for the new Resistance army for by the Protection Council.

Trey graoned. His first holding in six years and he was late!

"Come on." Darien whispered as they ran through the tunnels of the "old city" as the under ground tunnels of the city were termed.

"Darien, there's no way around it!" Derek Thane whispered loudly.

"I know these tunnels like the back of my hand. The quickest way to the room Alina told us of is through the southeast tunnels, then straight west. we never did all that exploring for nothing!"

Derek rolled his eyes. Even he knew that is was straight east. He glanced at the small pocket map that Trey had brought. Were they going the right way?

The entire council looked up in surprise as Darien Cameron threw open the door to the meeting room. Landon and the others barely began to skid to a stop behind him.

Lady Cluere rose, as well as Arowyn.

Temporarily forsaking formalities, Arowyn walked up to them, beckoned them inside, and thrust an accusing figure at them.

"You're late." 

"Yes. Well, we, ah. . received information on short notice. From Alyssa, and she wouldn't let us guide her anywhere near any entrances. So, we raced here as fast as possible." Trey spoke up.

They had, in fact, seen Alyssa that day, but earlier. They were lucky that no one but Landon saw Derek cringe.

"Really." Arowyn said slowly, as if considering.  She glanced at her mother, who nodded.  "You may take your seats. Quickly."

They all nodded gratefully, and took their seats. Arowyn then went back to what she had been saying.  

"So, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Council, none of you ask what all our training as the next generation has come down to?" Arowyn produced forth a small dagger, and tossed it into the air, catching it by. .

"The point. Of a sword, an arrow, a dagger, even the edge of an axe or the round of a shield. War is soon upon us, and the time to act is now. The Resistance Army is strong and motivated, growing every day. The High Lord Dictator sits lazily in his stronghold. I would call our friend Thomas, but he cannot be present today. He is to be promoted, even closer to the Dictator then before. That is the good news. The bad news is that there will be a war." Arowyn said simply, as if it was all going according to plan.

"How do I know that you will vote with me? Simple. We can win. The Norwans are great in number, but we are smarter and stronger. We have an ex-Norwan soldier who had deserted and taught us Norwan swrodplay. We have our greatest assets back among us. The time to strike is now!"

Arowyn brought the dagger down hard on a wooden table, leaving it on the table.

The End

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