Six years later: after years of training, pain, missions to recover the lost, all the things we went through have added up to. . . .the point? [Book two]

It has been six years. Six since we started training, six since we started trial and error.

Six years since I began to love someone.

My name is Elysia Martell, and I am telling this story.


"We will make it to that ceremony, Thomas, you can be certain of that." Arowyn said to him as they passed in the marketplace.

Thomas, a man of twenty-four, had been placed as a spy among the Norwans three years ago. He had gained the trust of the High Lord Dictater (formerly known as Lord Bennett) and was being promoted, as well as helping reintroduce a title of the old days, taking on the title Duke of Plight.

"Why a duke?" Thomas had often wondered. He had been sending word through Alyssa, who was posing a sevant in the High Lord Dictator's home.

Whenever she went to the marketplace, Alyssa would go shop for vegetables at one and only one place.

The stall ran by Kathryna, daughter to Lady Cluere. No one knew either, and they always spoke as if nothing were amiss in the world. All that happened was that when Alyssa left, Kathryna would receive a note along with the coins, which were given to her silently. The correct amount was always there.

Kathryna would go home at the end of the day to the Martell farm, where Arowyn had once lived (Arowyn was her oldest sister, and also a spy for the Protection Council).

She would give the note to the Reverend Martell at the end of the day. The note would be read, the information written, and the original note burned.  Then the information would be given to the Council.

This time the Council had reason to celebrate the information they had been given.

The End

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