Bringing her back

"Sugar water, chocolate, and candied fruit as fast as you can get it. I don't care if you outright steal it from some Lord's stores, just find some sugar to get into her!"

Elysia yelled as she Landon, Kate, Trey, Josh, and Lady Cluere ran up the stairs of the Thane's house.  Lady Thane followed nervously, and she ordered her servants to do as the young girl said.

Landon, who had carried Arowyn there, placed her on a guest room bed.

He and Elysia checked her life-beat and temperature, and looked for injuries as fast as they could. She not only needed to retain a normal glucose level, but she also had a bad fever.

Lady Cluere collapsed onto a chair nearby from exaustion, and Kate took charge of Joshua. Trey knelt beside the bed nervously, hoping and praying that he wouldn't lose anyone else.

After a few minutes of trying to force sugar water into Arowyn, Lady Thane stepped forward nervously.

"Should I send for a physician? There must be something I can do, for I will go mad otherwise. . . .Miss Elysia." She placed a trembling hand on Elysia's shoulder.

"No." was all Elysia said, gently pushing the hand away. "Just wait."

They watched, waiting for some sign. Elysia quietly opened Arowyn's mouth and poured a little more sugar water down her throat.

She did so every little while

, just waiting while Landon checked her life-beat and temperature a second, thrid, fourth, and even a seventh time. The boys all paused to eat as they changed Arowyn into a night gown and fixed her hair. When they came back, nothing. 

"Mayhaps it has brok'n her." Landon whispered sofly.

Joshua had to be taken home by Kate at that point, because he had not slept since Arowyn had come back.

After three days, Elysia sat wearily by Arowyn's bedside, Landon attending to Lady Cluere and Trey, who had fallen asleep on the floor.

Her hand faltered, and her eyelids fluttered. The glass nearly spilt, but a hand caught hers.

"Thomas?" she whispered sleepily.

"I came as soon as I heard, Elysia. She is still not showing signs?"

"Yes." Thomas sighed and helped her to her feet.  "You need to sleep. There is not much you can do now." Elysia shook her head, trying to stay awake. "If I must fall asleep it must be. .beside. . " She paused. "Help me. . . next. . .to her." Elysia passed out from exaustion.

Shaking his head, Thomas carried her to the room across the hall and tucked her into bed, brushing the hair from her face as he left.

After a few precious hours of sleep, Elysia woke.

She jumped out of the bed, ran across the hall, and pushed Thomas aside. Landon had treated her as best as he could for the fever, using all the Elven remedies he knew.

Now all they had to do was wait and watch.

The next morning, at about eleven o'clock.

"I'll say nothing!"

Arowyn yelled at the top of her lungs, sitting bolt up and surprising everyone.  She glanced around for a moment,confused at the anxious faces that looked at her in total shock. 

"Arowyn? You're in the Thane's guest bedroom. We got you out in exchange for Bennett's man Janus. Do you remember?" Kate told her.

"I remember torture." Aroywn said flatly. Trey took her hand, anxious. Arowyn smiled at him, and squeezed his hand, happy to be alive.

"They failed." Kate told her. Arowyn laid back down for a moment, relieved.

"Elysia and Brendan?"

"Brendan is safe, I saw to it myself. Glad to be among the living?"  Thomas grinned, approaching with a tray of food and drink.

"Yes, Thomas thank you. Where is Elysia? I have to see her, she wouldn't just leave me."

Trey stood up, and walked out of the room. A moment later, Elysia was brought in.

Their eyes lit up when they saw eachother.

The End

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