When Parents Fight

While that happened, Lady Cluere had gathered together the most trusted members of the council: Lord Korman, Reverend Martell, Lord Gascon, Landon, Kate, one Lady Brighton, Thomas, and her husband. Brendan had managed to send word, and had told them to take the messenger with them, bound, gagged, but alive, with them to meet Bennett.

They had sent this letter with speed to the gates of the house and Landon had planted the letter himself, joining them as they waited.

"The late Lady Cluere requests your presence to discuss the a matter of the utmost urgency. If you do not come outside as soon as you read this, we will do to your man as you have done to Arowyn."

Lord Bennett merely laughed when he saw the letter. "Bring the three of them out. they obviously wish to discuss terms. Let us see what happens when their children are in peril and only their emeny can save the chance of holding them in their arms."

He called for Janus, wondering why his man was not back. He called for his third in command, asking where Janus was. All she knew was that he had sent Janus with word "for his victory" to the council.

Yelling curses, Bennett dashed outside.

"Well, Joren,"  Lady Cluere said, her tones smoother then honey as she spoke. "Lost something, have you?" Elysia and Brendan were brought out, two guards lugging Arowyn along behind the two.

"We may give it back to you if you give us what you have stolen." 

Lord Bennett had regained his cool by then.

"Our daughter is strong, Anna." he said as Elysia and Brendan were thrown to their protector. "It is too bad I will have to keep her until you tell me where my man has turned to."

Lady Cluere laughed. "Why, you sent him to us, of course."

She, Reverend Martell, and Lady Brighton stepped aside to reveal Janus bound, gagged, but more or less in one piece.

Kate stepped forward, walked right up to Lord Bennett, and began to whisper in his ear, barely caressing him, running her fingers along his neck, shoulders, and in his hair as she whispered this into his right ear:

"We have extraced glucose from his body." she moved slowly around him.

"We deprived him of food, water, and sleep." she was directly behind him.

"We have interrogated him until he could not stand it." she stepped to the left of him.

"Is that not familiar?" she whispered into his left ear, demanding an answer.

"We wish for Arowyn to be returned, and you may do as you wish tomorrow, but nothing today." She added casually, stepping away from him.

Lord Bennett nodded to his men.

 Arowyn was thrown back to her mother.

With lightning speed, Bennett reached out and twisted Kate's arm hard, grabbing her free hand. Kate kicked at him with all her might, trying to wrestle out of his grasp.

"You will never cross me again, wretch." he hissed into her ear, throwing her to the ground and kicking her like a dog.

Kate ignored her smarting arm, and glared at him as she went to Arowyn.

The End

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