Falling into place

"Korman, this is serious!" Trey exclaimed. "We can't just-"  "Oh, yes we can. You deserve this, you've too much to carry. You need a break." "But I thought we were past pulling pranks. . ." Trey's words were lost on Korman and the twins. "This is more then a serious prank. This is life and death. If we can get in there, find out something, pull a few strings here and put things out of place there, then we not only confuse the enemy, we get information. It's like killing a flock of birds in one shot, Trey!"  there was a loud splash as Korman began to wade waist-high through a deeper tunnel.  He turned, looking aggrivated. "Get in and pull strings? Korman, where are we going?"  "We're going to break into Bennett's headquarters. It's the only way to have a laugh and do something productive at the same time."

Trey and the twins didn't move. They stood there, staring at Korman. something skidded faintly in the dark, bu tno oen noticed at the time.  "Come on! There's towels and dry clothes for all of us on the other side. Did you think I wouldn't have prepared anything?" Korman sighed. "I'm at the end of my rope. I'm tired of nto being of use, not being ready. This is the ultimate test! Come now, I know at least one of you want that! Trey, Brendan? Darien?" Again, he sighed, and ran his fingers through his hair. "Just come on! But if you don't go, at least keep you mouths shut."

Darien jumped in as well. "Not bad." he remarked. Trey reluctantly climbed down.  One person remained.  "I am not going in there." Brendan crossed his arms indignantly. "Brendan." Korman muttered. Just then, footsteps were heard up the west adn north passageways. Brendan still hesitated. "Come on." Darien and Trey pulled him in, Korman helping catch him as all four sank into the water.

Elysia Martell stormed through the north passageway, muttering to herself as she was literally pulled along by Arowyn. "I cannot believe we have to go look for those fools. Did you ever tire of this, Arowyn? Or did you just think it a game? This is serious, you know that? I know you don't just think of Trey as a good friend-" "It doesn't matter, because there's not reason to look for them anyway?" "I say what?"

Trey made a motion to Korman to stay still. He swam father down the tunnel, where it was deeper, until he could see who was there.  He squinted. Good, their backs were turned. He slowly brought his head up.

"Why is there no reason to look?" "Because if they hid like this all together, it was because they were scheming something. I know them, and I know their ways. If they have run off, it was either for pleasure or information, or possibly both if Korman could figure that out. My guess is that it's above ground somewhere, but where I have no idea. Let's just keep searching. I'm sure they went this way, but where I'm not certain. Arowyn stepped closer, studying the tunnel. Then she noticed something in the water. "El?" she whispered.  Elysia stepped closer, noticing something move.

Once he had heard the better part of the conversation, Trey had swum back and motioned to his friends, who were ready to pass out from holding their breath. Trey mouthed to Korman. "Footsteps again. Pull the girls in." Korman nodded and motioned to the twins, who boosted them up as fast as possible.

Trey and Korman were out of the water almost instantly.  "Trey, what are y-" Trey grabbed Aarowyn, covered her mouth, and stepped back into the water, Korman doing the same to Elysia.

There was a great splash as the two girls were pulled into the water, the four boys fallign with them.

The boys swam, dragging the two struggling girls with them,  Korman half-leading, half-dragging Elysia with the help of Darien. After ten minutes, three turns, and a lot of bruises from the girls, the six of them emerged around a corner and onto a surprisingly large ledge where towels and fresh clothing were off to one side.

Before they even caught their breath, Arowyn began yelling.

"Merric Korman, what is your problem!" she was met with silence. Elysia glared at the boys, trying to catch her breath as she was helped up.  "You knew we would be here." Darien finally pointed out.  "Yes! I did! But what gave you the right to grab us and swim away like that? Footsteps again? Or did you think that I wouldn't get someone to follow you?"

"Who?" Trey demanded. "Alina. She's good, right? We sent her through the east passageway. I can't believe you weren't more attentive, you guys. Have you learned nothing? I mean honestly, we were following you too, but I didn't think you'd really go try to pull pranks or get me into it to do soemthing to my own father or worse. Seriously, you could have asked me to come, I would've made an excuse for-" "Pull something on who?" Korman interrupted. "My father. You know who he is, right?" "Well, yeah, but I wouldn't go so far as to-- actually, I don't know who he is. Can I have a hint?"

"Lord Bennett."  "Trey!"  "Perfect."

"No! No, no and no. We are not going into his office and stealing important papers!"  Arowyn whispered as they walked through the market. Elysia glanced around quickly, taking every single detail in as Kate had taught her. She noted a fancy shop nearby, and a weapons shop. "You're already here, Arowyn." Korman said to her. "It's a little late." Brendan added. "Follow me."  Elysia pointed to the fancy looking shop nearby. "But do you know how much that place would cost? We can make better gowns at home, El."  "No, seriously. I have a plan. Boys, how much money have you got?"


Arowyn walked up to the gate, eager to get it over with. With her brand-new gown fit for a girl of her "station," Elysia and Brendan in tow, and Trey, Korman and Darien watching up a tree on the property that had a branch which hung over the gate, she felt safe enough. "I cannot believe I am doing this." Arowyn whispered to Elysia as she picked the lock to the gate. "Neither can I." Elysia and Brendan both whispered back. With a simple little click, they were in.

The Norwan guard had watched. He had seen the portrait of the upstart 'traitor' Lord's son and daughters. This must be the eldest. But who was the other girl, and the whelp with the sword? He wondered. Perhaps the girl had come to sell information. He smiled and approached the gate.

Arowyn felt the swordpoint at her neck as she shut the gate. She also smiled. Plan perfected.

Brendan drew his sword and touched the Norwan's blade with it. Sure enough, the impudent mercenary turned to face him. Brendan hoped with his entire being that he could do this right. "You would do well to know who this young lady is." He said with a low growl. "And who is she? You serve her, whelp?" The mercenary sneered. "She is Lady Arowyn, heir to the houses of Gascon and Bennett, and you would do well to let us pass to see His Lordship immediately." The mercenary frowned.  "You," he said angrily, "would do well to know that many have claimed to be the eldest daughter of Lord Bennett and Lady Cluere. None have even remotely passed the test."  Brendan smiled with the confidence of a great friend, but also of secrecy. "But my Lady will do so, and you will have to courage to bow to her, wretch. Now take us to your Lord." The Mercenary sneered again."If you insist, whelp. But you must know that it will not be easy to pass such tests as these. It is more then history and memories. If you fail, you could be killed."

Trey clawed at the tree as he watched Arowyn, Elysia and Brendan being led into the grand building known as Brome Fortress through Darien's spyglass. "Trey, what's happening?" "Shut up, Darien! She's in. Let's go back and tell them we have a link. By the way, Korman, I'm assuming that this was one plan that came because you finally know who she really is."  "I only had book lessons, Trey, not gossip or council mysteries. I knew naught of who she is." Korman smiled ever so slightly as they climbed down.

Now that he did, this completely changed things. He didn't need Trey or Landon to suggest it before the Protection Council, he didn't need to get permission.

It was already done.

The End

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