The theives

The Hood was at war.

At war with the king, at war with the nobles, and now, at war with the Norwans. The Hood, the theives of Dehlyn and Alvilaid, had actually been called, asked for help by the very people who had scorned them for as long as anyone could remember. By one who could have been considered one of their own!

Landon of Alvilaid had asked them for help, but should they give it to him and his "Protection Council," the nobles, and the prince who's father had hated their kind? Ha! Better they had started the fire and not the Norwans, because then their struggle against the king would have been over for a time. Yet the prince wasn't the only one in need. The fool Lord Bennett had also come to them. He had asked for spies, fighters, and loyal men. Loyal?! They were better off working for the prince. They got more if they worked for Bennett, but something seemed to whisper that the promises they had heard weren't entirely what they were.

As Jack Robin considered the two offers, he knew  that he knew better. There was not much to consider. Just the way the two spoke, he knew that Landon was more honest. If this kept up, Jack could lose what he loved, but he would gain this: protection, regular meals, good companions, a seat on the council,and just maybe, a possible protege. He and his theives would be training people to be swift as the wind, silent as a dark night. He knew what he was going to do. But working for the nobles who despised him? "Working with." He remembered Landon correcting him, and now he corrected himself. Well, I might as well tell everyone, Jack thought to himself. With a sigh, he pulled a good face and went to call a meeting. He and his theives were going underground.


"What?" Marcus turned pale.

"Us?" Brendan glanced at Trey. 

"You have to tell them about what you saw in Kiros." "Oh. That." Marcus, still pale, stood up and tried to control himself. Brendan also stood, taking care to stay close to Marcus in case soemthing happened. They both stood there with Trey, each waiting for the other to say soemthing.

"Well?" Lady Cluere asked after a moment. "We saw Lord Bennett." Brandan said slowly. Marcus nodded. "Outside the inn we were staying at in Kiros. He was conversing with. . ." Marcus glanced at Landon. "That theif, the one you spoke to. His name. . ." "Jack Robin." Landon said. His face was serious, but his eyes seemed to be laughing. What was wrong that Landon could laugh at this? "He was offering Robin, asking him to join up with the Norwans." "What did he say?" Duke Korman demanded, rising from his seat. "He said it was unlikely, but he would consider it. We may have to-" "Robin is a good man, more so then you know." Landon stood up. "No doubt Bennett has guessed that there would be rebellion. He was once on this council, and knows that the Protection Council was formed against the Norwans. He went to Jack because he knew that we would ask for their help."

The End

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