Council Holding

Lady Cluere had finally taken a break. She was ready for Council Honding. But, Nobody else was. As councilmembers were directed to their seats by Elysia, Marcus, Josh, Aroywn and Kai, the tension increased. Logan, ALyssa, and some of the younger children served refreshments. The three elven representatives took their seats, and Kate entered last. People who were permited to attend the Council Holding stood at the back. Trey had been given a seat on the council as well, because he would be of age in four years, and as it had been said before, he had every right.


After what seemed like a milennia, Lady Cluere rose, and faced the council.

"Protection Council." she began "Honored guests." she addressed the ones whom she had permitted to attend without seats. "Elvan Amora, Master." She addressed the Elven representatives. " Dehlyn Annonei." she addressed Trey, then she bowed. Everyone rose as she did. When she straightened, the council seated themselves. "We have matters to discuss, of great importance. Twelves years this council went without meeting. This is only the fifth meeting ever held. This is changing fast, therefore we must act quickly." She turned to address Avira. "Amora Avira, how long will it take for the Legion to be ready?"

Avira rose, the grace of her people seeming to permeate the room. "Our commander can take them 'ere you wish in the course of a moment, My Lady." She said quietly, and seated herself.

Whispers rippled at the sound of her voice, about the strange accent the had gripped Landon for the years they had known him. Now, here was a genuine article of Elven voice. Not only that, but she was rumored to be one of the only elves with dark skin and hair! "Thank you." The whispers ceased. Lady Cluere did not seem to notice Avira's differences, but continued on calmly. "Reverend Martell, you have news to share later on?" Jacob Martell rose as well. "My news is of some importance, and I consider it an honor that you wish me to voice it." He paused, then sat down. Lady Cluere addressed several more council members, indicating that this meeting would be a long, but especially useful one.

Brendan sighed inwardly as the meeting dragged on. His brother, Darien, watched constantly, taking in every word of the meeting. Korman paid a polite attention, his gaze drifting every once in a while to Arowyn, or to some unknown thing that he found interesting. Brendan rolled his eyes, remembering the schemes he had ended up helping Korman with to snatch Arowyn for a moment alone.  Now, though, they all knew better. "Prince Trey, if you would step up to tell us what you and your companions have learned while passing through Kiros." Brendan jumped, remembering what he had been told before the meeting.

Trey also jumped, realizing he had not been paying attention. He quickly stood, trying to regain composure. Oh, hell, what were the formalities Arowyn's mother had taught him just this morning! He glanced at Lady Cluere."Yes, er, right then, ah," he paused, trying to remember what to say. "I've information of great importance, and I have both privilage and emergency prodding me to speak it now." Trey grew confident (even though he had said it wrong), and Brendan knew  that something would happen to put him at the front, facing the Protection Council. "But, before I speak, there are some among us who will hand us a missing link to what I will say." He flashed a wicked grin, and turned to face the "guests" at the back of the room.

"I call Brendan Cameron and Marcus Martell to stand and speak!"

The End

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