the Council and the Legion

The meeting room had been moved.

Again, the world spins faster, Arowyn thought as Kate and Landon tried to figure out how they could keep the entire legion under raps until the next Council Holding came up. 

There were several entrances and exits, and most council members took a different route each time so that no one would suspect anything. At every exit, there were at least two guards, five at the major ones.

With the Legion coming, They would have more flexibility, more men and women, more resources to access, and more guards, and more planning to do.

Korman sighed audibly, angry at the situation.

"Trey should be here for this." he grumbled as he poured over his old study books. Both his parents were on the Council, and he would be too, in good time. Arowyn sighed and looked up from the book she had loaned him.

"Merric, you

know that he brushed up already." his mother called. Duke Korman nodded in agreement. Korman's family was in charge of seating, order, presentation and formalities. They were watchful, and made sure that each member of the Council was on the same page. Any grudges were left outside of the room, any confusion was solved by the Korman family.

Kate and Landon had been given and opportunity "to show that they deserved their positions" by Lady Cluere, who had been in charge of the Protection Council for nine of the thirteen years it existed, including the going-ons before it was an official Council.

"How are we going to hide the entire Legion?" Kate demanded of Landon, who grunted, his brow furrowed and concentration and worry. He had not seen Avira, Fortsight, or the Master since he had fled through the night and ended up on a boat to Alvilaid. "

Well? You're the master when it comes to elves around here. Is there a way?" Landon looked up from the papers at her, his carefree grin almost forgotten as his glare hardened.

"You hav' no reason t'call me so. Speak of me as a Mastar when the elves are here an' there is hell to pay. Understood?" he said in low, even tones, his accent thickening with every word.

Korman and his parents stared at them. Arowyn dropped her book, and hurried to pick it up.

Kate nodded, open mouthed, surprised to see Landon's face like that.

Alina, who had been cleaning the room, noticed Landon's look. She put down the broom and slipped past him, motioning to Kate, who stood up and went to speak with Alina.

"What did I do?" Kate demanded in a low whisper.

Alina shrugged. "He is nervous. He hasn't seen anyone from the Elven lands since before I met him, and that was a year after he came to Alvilaid."

"Well, why is he so angry at me? Is it his heritage, or his pride?"

Alina nodded.  "Both. Landon is like any man. Proud of who he is, noble or not. He is very particlular when the subject of elves comes up, especially the Master. I don't know much about it, but I know that they had an extremely deep bond. Landon learned more then we could in two lifetimes from the Master, that's why he is the way he is. He learns something, then builds off of that. Whoever he takes for a wife will be very lucky, or so I've deduced."

"So he has a powerful mind?"

Alina noddedagain. "Mhmm. Landon gets a deeper meaning each day, he is never dull or bored. From what he's told me, a Master is a very wise person, someone who lives longer then most people. Masters usually have a protege to whom their wisdom is passed on. It doesn't matter what race they are or were, but they have the most coveted knowledge and position ever. There are not very many Masters on earth, and some have died without successors." 

"Then why isn't Landon one?" Kate gasped.

"Because he never completed his training, and the Master of the Elves is still living."

Kate looked almost crushed. Alina sighed impatiently. "Look, he got upset because his respect for the Master goes above almost everything in his life. I have come to respect the Master, and I have never met him."

"But why did he run away?" Kat asked.

To her surprise, Alina laughed.

"What is so funny?" Kate asked sullenly.

"Is that what you were told?" Alina inhaled deeply, trying to control herself. "He never ran away, he was told by the Master to leave. Landon could not live among elves forever, because of what he is: human. He does not have pointed ears, he is not in his eighties or nineties. He was at an age like say, your Logan is now. He must go among his own people before it is too hard for him to adjust."

"Then why doesn't Arowyn remember her life before she lived in my father's house?"

"I do not know. Perhaps she did not want to remember. The memory is a complicated thing, but there is not much I can say about it. I-"

"It's you." Kate said in a soft voice.


"You're the one. Just like-" Kate stopped herself, her face hardening into the emotionless mask it was on an ordinary day. "Thank you, Alina. I think I understand now." her voice was cool and polite, but within her was a realization.

A week later, the Elven representatives arrived, and a Council Holding took place. The seatings were rearranged just a bit, so that the Elven representatives could also have a seat on the council.

There were three Elven representatives present: Avira, representing the Legion's commander, with Lende, representing the Five, and the Master himself.

Landon was seated across the room from them, much to his dissapointment, and Kate would not be running the meeting. Duke Korman would be arranging it, and Lady Cluere would be running this Council Holding, as planned.

The End

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