The Elves

I will not stan' at the side o' humans!" an elder of the Five said. "Landin were the on'ly good human in this worl', and we ne'er heard o' him again! Humans have brun' us nigh, but trouble, sa'ness, and pain." 

"But our world is comin' to a end! Can ye no' see that this is our tim' t'rise?" A young elven lad naemd Fortsight exclaimed to his elder. Yes he was young, especially by elven standards. The youth was only twenty-two, still a teen-ager in his elven world.

"Mastar! Ye can ec'splain this t'him, can ye not? Landin were a good friend t'me, if on'ly fer a short tim' he were here. We must help 'im was much as we can. We elves gav' 'im our magia, he gav' us life and hope fer the worl'. We hav' t'help 'im!" 

"He ne'er sent us word. Not once." the elder elf protested. The other two, middle-aged elves, said nothing, only waited for their Master to speak.

"We will go to the humans, but on'ly in secret. As for the mes'n'ger, if he be who he say, we will take him wi' us.Tthe Prince o' Del'yn will prov' t'be fine in'surrance fer us."

The elder elf gasped, immediately wondering if the Master had gone mad. "But, Mastar-" 

"Th'decision be maid', ye hav' nigh t'say in the mattar now." the Mastar, an elder elf whose age is measured extremly long, especially by elves, with his long, ever flowing lily-white hair and simple leather tunic, was the wisest elf ever to walk the enchanted grounds, so the elves and their sea cousins proclaimed.

"What o' our jur'ney? Who will be comin' wi' us, Mastar?"

"Ye wil' take the leigion." the Master replied.

"The leigion." Fortsight murmmured. He whispered a prayer to the "Fathar God," as the elves called Him, who took care of the young elf, his brethren, and their sea cousins.

The End

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