Trek Wars

While investigating a distress signal, Kirk and the reso of the Enterprise get sucked through a black hole and into the Star Wars universe. Mayhem ensues.

United Space Ship Enterprise, Outside Klingon Space


Captain's Log, Stardate 1138.4

We were on our way to Starbase 27 for a routine inspection when we received a distress call from a Federation outpost near the edge of Klingon space. The signal was cut off abruptly before we could reply. If the distress call is the result of a Klingon attack, it would mean war between the Federation and the Empire. The Enterprise must investigate and bean any survivors aboard.


[end recording]


* * * *


Captain James Tiberius Kirk leaned back into his chair, from which he could survey the entire bridge of the starship Enterprise. Stationed at the pilot's console was Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, a man of Japanese descent who, in his spare time, practiced xenobiology and fencing. Next to him, at nav, was Ensign Pavel Chekov , a younger man who spoke with a thick Russian accent. Communications were monitored by Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, an attractive African-American woman. Commander Spock, Kirk's half-Vulcanian friend and First Officer, was monitoring the ship's sensors. Cheif Meical Officer Leonard McCoy, face stern and lined, and Lieutenant Commander Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, the Enterprise's Chief Engineer, were gazing at the viewscreen.

Looking at them all, Kirk couldn't help but feel a little proud. These were his crew, his people, and the Enterprise, pride of the Federation's fleet, was his ship. Being responsible for the lives of 450 people, as well as a ship that had enormous power, both as a symbol and as a warship, was at times daunting, but also empowering.

Sulu spoke, interrupting Kirk's reverie. "We are at Warp Seven, Captain."

"Maintain speed, Mr. Sulu."

"Aye, sir."

"Distance to target, Mr. Spock?"

"Estimated time of arrival is three minutes, Captain," Spock said without looking up.

"Let's hope we get there in time."

"It's not the time that worries me," McCoy said sourly. "What if the Klingons are involved? What if the whole area is swarming with Birds of Prey when we arrive?"

"The most logical approach would be to wait and see if they attack us, and, if they do, flee the area," Spock replied. "If there even was a Klingon attack, which would be, in my opinion, highly illogical."

"How so?"

"There has been no significant buidlup of the Klingon military in the last decade, Doctor. Making war on the Federation without enough ships would be folly. And the outpost in question barely deserves the classification; it's just a group of twenty scientists studying nearby stars. Federation Starbases on the border would be the Empire's first target."

"Alright, Spock, I concede," McCoy grumbled.

"An' if there do be Klingons there, our enegines'll hightail us out o' there in no time," Scotty added. "Don' worry yerself, Doctor."

"But I am worried, all the same," muttered McCoy. "Call it intuition."

"In my experience, Doctor," Spock countered, "there is no such thing as intuition, or luck."

"Damned Vulcanian logic," McCoy growled. "Trust me, Spock, one of these days you'll be saved by someon'e else's luck or intuition, and I'll laugh in your face when that day comes."

"Stow it, Bones," Kirk said suddenly. "We'll be there in a few seconds." His hands clenched the arms of his chair just a fraction harder. "Take us into impulse power, Mr. Sulu."

"Impulse aye, Captain."

The Enterprise jerked  as Sulu made the transition from supra-light warp to sub-light impulse. "Station coming up on viewscreen now," Spock noted. Everyone on the bridge turned towards the viewscreen, eager to see what had befallen the unfortunate outpost. 





The End

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