Treeyard Squirrels

A community of squirrels live in a human's yard full of spacious trees and is bordered by the road out front and fences of the nieghbors. This is an animal fantasy work, so the squirrels have human qualities and behaviours. and just like any group of humans, there are specific roles that various squirrels play. for example, there is Treeyard's leader, Stormtail, and his brother is the Healer, Stargazer. as healer, he collects herbs found in the wild and uses knowlege passed down to cure sicknes

All was still in the night. Above, the night sky was clear and stars sparkled like dew on morning leafs. In a nest high up in an gently swinging willow tree, an elderly dark gray male squirrel quietly pushed stacks of herbs away from his sleeping area of soft feathers and moss. Another squirrel climbed into the nest, her eyes large and the white star marking upon her forehead gleaming in the moonlight.

"Gentlemist's pups are now sleeping soundly. No more signs of fever on any of them," she reported to him in relief.

The old male gave a nod and replied,"Thank Staryard! The last thing Treeyard needs is more dead pups before winter." He paused and added proudly," You have done well, Starnose. I couldn't have done any better."

Starnose ducked her head at his praise. " Im lucky to have such a great mentor. And father." she looked up and blinked," you think the Watch really will recruit all yearlings next summer?"

His eyes darkened at this."Not if Stormtail and I have anything to say about it. Skythe and his Watch guards cant control everything."

Before Starnose could agree, suddenly a gust of wind parted the leafs above them so that the stars were in clear view. Stargazer had stiffened, and his gaze was fixated on the sky as a shower of shooting stars whizzed by. Starnose knew that look. It was the look he got everytime he recieved a message from Staryard.

The wind stopped and the leafs blocked the night sky view once again. Stargazer very slowly turned to face his daughter.

"A pup shall be born. One who's destiny alone will bring justice and harmony once more." He whispered softly, hope flaring in his wrinkle eyes.

Starnose felt the fur on the back of her neck start to prickle ominously. It was the first prophecy she had heard. And as Treeyard's Healer's apprentice, she guessed she would hear many, many more.


The End

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