Carlotta Reveiled

Carlotta was woken up by the gentle sun rays splashing on her face. They had entered her room via a crack in her curtains. Yawning, she quickly dressed and set about to find were she had absent-mindedly left her brush. Her russet hair was in a real mess, which she raked through and through until it was neat. Strolling down the corridor, she caught a whiff of bacon, eggs and sausages. The smell drifted forwards and backwards, like a curtain caught in the wind. As she neared the kitchen, she heard laughter and talking. When she had collected her breakfast, she took a seat next the Annabelle. 




"Has anybody seen my notebook?" asked Max, with a look of hope in his eyes. Everybody shook their heads. Then Matron came in.  Before anybody could so much as say "Good morning" she had reached into her pocket and withdrawn a leather bound, battered notebook. Max thanked her as he took it in is hands. Carlotta smiled as other children told one another about their dreams. It was a beautiful morning, and everyone was in high spirits. If there was one thing that they all had in common, it was that no matter what back round they came from, they were all  orphans.

The End

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