Decide food is more important and make your way to the taco stand.

This is what is wrong with the world, you think to yourself, turning away.  If women weren't wandering around in Princess Leia bikinis in the middle of winter, they wouldn't need to overheat the room to a balmy 35%, contributing to climate change.

Your resolve to find Monica Goya's taco stand increases, as her tacos are in fact the most ecologically friendly in the world (  While many think Al Gore holds the title, his tacos simply have zero footprint.  Monica Goya's tacos, however, reduce one's ecological footprint with every bite.  Aha, there it is!  You see the massive Monica Goya bobble head bouncing around, with a taco on a spring hitting its face. 

You make your way over, and order your favourite taco, the Ansell Extraordinaire.  You sink your teeth into the mouthwatering deliciousness, when suddenly you're surrounded by a group of youth.  "Connectivity!", "Sexual Selection!", "Genetic Diversity!"  you hear.  One other arrives, and in unison the youth cheer "Let our powers combine; GOOOO PLANET!"  Wait, you know what is coming next! You're surrounded by Planeteers, it must be CAPTAIN PLANET!!!  Suddenly a man in tights with green hair descends: "Planeteers, we must go quickly to the hill of Joker".   He then turns in your direction and reaches his red gloved hand to you.  He looks you straight in the eye, "Will you be my fifth Planeteer?"

The End

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