Tree Of Life

This was the first poem I ever wrote. I have this posted on as well. I wrote this on June 2nd of 2010. Metaphoric in many ways.

We feed off the tree of life, we are the roots that are deeply sewn, branch off to a path our own,seeds of life, that learn to breed hate, an evil we naturally create, serenity dissapates

This flower that beautifully matures is but an hopefull illusion, at a glance, seemingly pure, visual lies confirm this as the cure, to our problems long endured, consumed only then reveals itself, most potent poison

Anger abundant becomes nourishment for all of us starved of love, the scarcity of kindness and care, any lie said as long as profit is there, what happens, happens, no matter the cost we later pay, no matter what we lost along the way, sky green, rivers run black, animals extinct, no habitat

We've harmed the tree, tainted seeds grow into weeds, innocence taken, creator corrupted, burn, burn, burn to ashes that decorate this dead world, no remorse, no regrets, an emotion that cannot be expressed, for none we possess, expressionless in the face of the horrendous crime we have committed, to the darkest evil we have submitted.

The End

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