The Shape-Shifter

This is a trick, Miaed thought. Suddenly a group of Trolls, who had banded together, attacked her, driving her in the opposite direction from her goal: the tall man. Miaed ordered a small guard of trees to surround her, and together they approached once again.

Then, a sound unlike any other rent the air: a blood-curdling, terrible shriek. The tall man was bending over, as if he were trying to put his head on the ground, and he was shuddering, as if he were terribly cold. Then the unthinkable happened, his body contorted, and then there was no man standing there: there was a huge, black dragon.

The dragon yelled, in a terrible voice, full of evil and maliciousness, but human nonetheless, "Kill me if you can! I am a shape-shifter, as are my bretheren! We shall kill you!"

Then the group of what Miaed had thought to be humans, elves and dwarves, along with the animals, began to converge on them. Then Miaed realized with dread, that these were not their allies: these were the allies of the evil shape-shifter that controlled the trolls.

The End

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