The Roaring Wind

After exchanging a few more words with the eagle, Miaed got to work preparing the trees. There had not been war in the land for many years, and Miaed was the only one who had known the last war that had wracked the world. That had been over a thousand years ago, or was it ten thousand? Miaed did not waste energy over it, thinking instead of what they were to do. The other Listening Trees had never been in war, and Miaed knew they would be no match against the thousands of trolls. They could not leave the Grove Of Light, or else the trolls would have an unobstructed run to the Worlds Bridge. If the trees did not fight, the other armies would not get there before the trolls. Anyway, the trees were attached to the grove and if they left, would be as immobile and unable to think and talk as the trees that covered the eastern mountains. Thinking of un-alive trees gave Miaed another thought. Barecades! They could not use wood, as there were no trees nearby they could use. Mabey rocks, if they could pile them, and mabey they could make a funnel shape that would funnel the trolls to a designated fighting area. The trolls would not back down from the opportunity to fight one of their foes, and they must know that their numbers far exceed those of the Listening Trees. They might not even know that the rest of the world's armies were coming to fight. Then Miaed heard it. She felt it, and so did the rest of the Listening Trees. The winds that Miaed had so much loved to hear and feel, now gave no indication of peace, but of brutal war that would paint the ground with blood. It was a roar, a terrible shuddering roar that shook the trees from their roots to the tips of their branches. "What is it?" asked a younger tree, quivering with fear.

"They are coming," Miaed said quietly.

The End

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