Message From The Eagle

Later that day a great eagle flew over the Grove of Light. As he was about to soar over the grove, he pulled into a sharp dive, hurdling straight to the ground. When he seemed to almost crash, his wings snapped out. He was flung back into the air, where he alighted upon one of Miaed's branches.

"Danger! Danger!" he cried, flapping his wings to get the attention of all the Listening  Trees.

"What is your message?" asked Miaed sharply. She was scared, despite not knowing what the danger was. The eagle fluttered it's wings once more, and said,

"It is the trolls, Lady. The trolls are coming! The rest of the races in the land have asked me to come and tell you to prepare yourselves. The troll army is marching swiftly now, out of their lands. Their plan, as we have heard from some very knowledgeable sources, is to march upon the Worlds Bridge. We think they need more land and have no means of getting any in this world. Prepare, for they shall march straight through the Grove of Light!"

Miaed froze. She was pondering what had been said by the eagle. The Worlds Bridge was the bridge to the rest of the worlds accessable. There were so, so many worlds. They could not let the trolls destroy another one, enslave it, and strip it of it's resources, as had been done to one world that Miaed had heard of. It had been called Earth, though, and it had not been razed by trolls.

The End

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