Tree Light

A tree, Miaed by name, has watched over the Grove Of Light forever. She is the guardian of the rest of the Listening Trees, the trees that speak and move, though they cannot wander from the Grove Of Light. The light is waning, and no-one knows why. Only the combined powers of the Listening trees, and maybe some allies, can save the world now.

Miaed listened. It seemed to her that she was no longer a talking, living tree, but a void for the voices around her. Linia, a young silver birch, danced and sang around the grove, entertaining the rest of the Listening Trees. Unmoving, Miaed spared a few minutes listening to the softly sung lyrics, intersperced with shouts of "Bravo!" from the watching crowd.

The grass listened too, but a shift in the wind caught the atention of the blades of green. Miaed felt it too. These disturbances were too slight to be noticed by the younger, single track minded trees that were always looking or listening to one thing in particular, but were always noticed by Miaed. They were getting stronger, and foretold nothing but some sort of evil getting very close. As the oldest Listening Tree, the group of talking, moving trees that lived in the Grove Of Light, it was Miaed's duty to listen, and to protect the Listening Trees, giving them their name. But if the winds of change were right, the Grove Of Light could be in very serious danger.

The End

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