A patient known only to the company as F-0001 was sent in to test our prototype TANKTANIUM 3000. This is as you know an experimental beauty treatment which uses electricity to stimulate nerve endings and skin cells. The proicedure is supposed to effectively speed up the process of shedding dead skin.
The patient is protected from electrocution by a newly discovered chemical known as Arcanium, which is the key substance in the tank water.


Patient F-0001 was asked to fill out standardised form detailing any health issues, and also a survey on why they were undergoing the procedure. Patient was asked to put on swimsuit and was led to TANKTANIUM prototype tank. Routine checks carried out on local electrical connections, wires etc.


Patient F-0001 harnessed around neck, arms, waist and legs, and lowered down into tank water. As the procedure takes only 45 seconds breathing apparatus was not required.
The machine was turned on. Electricity immediatley began to course through the patients body

1 seconds - Some muscular contarctions, clenching of teeth.

5 seconds - Patient F-0001 revealed to be in some pain. Slightly frantic movement of limbs.

12 seconds - Patient tried to speak but was unable. Blood noticed coming from mouth.

30 seconds - Patient began screaming, thrashing. Reddening of skin, possible burning. Hair appeared to be falling out. Water boiling and foaming.

34 seconds - Power turned off. Patient pulled out of water.


Patient F-0001 suffered charring of skin, loss of hair and copious bleeding. One arm severly burnt.
Patient insisted on seeing self in mirror. Appears to think she is beautiful. On closer inspection of her head, company doctors discovered a small part of patient's brain to be exposed.
Patient has been kept within company hospital to recover.
Since this procedure was not completed, attempts will be made to examine the quality of the arcanium and improve the TANKTANIUM prototype.
Further tests are needed.

R. Smith M.D.

The End

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