I adore Dante's Inferno and various other epic poems, and I feel that this scheme of writing is both engaging and enticing. I do not know of the meter, but I'll see if I can get my passages flowing like that of the nine circles, hopefully it will go well... my rhyme is aba bcb cdc ded... and so on until I end with a couplet.

"Hark, milord! Temper thy steel and beesech unto me

for what is the purpose of my visit to Hell?"

"Fair sir, do not jest yourself higher, for no Dante are thee


I implore you to see under no cause from me fell

to force you to be stationed in this bastion of fright. Though,

I suggest you take query to the man at the well."


"Aye milord." Spake forth the crude servant Nemisio.

He gathered belongings, strapped scabbard to waist before

venturing onward in an unbalanced gate. "Oh,


gentle soul, know you the generation of what's now in store?"

"To your person?" "Aye sir, to my person you see,

by some turn of luck, be this the most unfavorable chore,


I am belaboured a second tour of battle in Kriiz."

"Sir, mayhaps I can help you. Discover me on the 'morrow

come the risen patriarch, before your rueful leave,


Perchance the occasion will prove thorough

to remove this most unneeded sorrow."


The End

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