Last Stop


It took him a few moments to realise his eyes had been closed, infact he had the strong feeling time had passed although the scene that met him was the same. The tree cast a deep shadow over him and in the fixed state of the landscape it was easy to imagine the scene as nothing but a painting, battered and yellowed with age. Had it not been for the cold, a bitter cold that seemed to bite at the back of his throat and seep into his pores.

 In that moment he saw this new reality and began to wonder how he had ended up on the train. The train itself was now something of a distant memory and nothing but the train tracks behind him suggested its existence. He looked down to find he was wearing his best suit, he certainly did not remember why he had been wearing that, infact before the train he could remember very little. A quick search of his pockets produced a passport with his photograph and the number 4076767 replacing a name, there was also a train ticket marked simply ‘last stop’. For some reason the words sent a shiver through his bones.

 The sound of a crow broke the silence, he gazed towards the sound to see the large blue, black bird staring at him with its glossy eyes, that flickered like dancing lights. The bird held in its mouth an object glittering gold in the twilight. The cat necklace, he realised it must have fallen from his hands in the fall from the train. The bird let out a warning squawk flapped its wings and flew towards the carcass of the tree. Far along the train lines a shimmer of heat caught his attention, the return of the train perhaps? 

The End

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