Drakmor Vayr

The man walked among the people of Galabria, feeling lonely and out of place. He shouldn't be here, but, then again, he knew he must. There was something he wanted to see. Something he was promised. It all depended on if he could find it. 

"Mister, mister!" a nearby merchant called, "Come see my wares! I guarantee you will not be-"

The merchant went silent once he saw the man's silver-tinted face and long silver beard. A long cloak hid him from the world, but his face was still visible to those he looked at. The man quickly pulled his face back into the shadows of his cloak. He needed to hurry before they chased him off once more. 

The man continued to walk down toward the docks of Galabria. It had been a long and arduous journey from the Northern lands, but he had made his way and was nearing the end of his journey. He had heard of the Galabrian airships that flew into combat and lost lives daily. The man hoped to become a worker on board.

But, not just any ship. He wanted to board a ship that was famous in its own right. A ragtag vessel made for speed and in constant need of new crewmembers. It was a dangerous place to be and the captain an extremely powerful man, from what the rumors said. He needed to be on that ship before it set sail again. He only hoped it was in Galabria. 

The man passed by several more crowds before he finally got to the docks. He was disappointed to see no airships landed in the airship docks. Only regular ships were docked in their respective places. The man decided to leave and come back another day. Time was one thing he had plenty of. His stomach grumbled. Food was not.

Just then, a massive ship dropped from the sky. The man let his hood fall back, revealing his long silver hair and longer beard show. Luckily, any who could have seen him were staring at the massive machine falling from the sky as well. The Jackdaw.

Propellers were the first thing the man noticed. Many covered the expanse of the Jackdaw, so the man assumed they were what made the ship fly. There were large bat-like wings that were probably used for balance and a brass and wood frame instead of fully metal. That would reduce weight and increase speed of a vessel. Although the ship had weapons, it was clear this ship's purpose was speed.

The man, now feeling a little happier, walked to where the ship was docking in the specialized docks for airships. It only took a few moments to get to the gates, but the man was still impatient. He needed to hurry and get the captain to accept him into the crew. He needed to face the danger.

And fall to it.

Yes, the thing Drakmor Vayr wanted was not thrill nor adventure. It was none other than Death. Sweet, beautiful, tempting, peaceful Death. He would die somehow. He would relish it. It would finally be what he deserved! Drakmor laughed silently as he moved through the gate and towards where a stern looking man in a nice looking outfit stood.

Time to begin his death.

The End

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