Travels of Life.

follows the lifves of izAnUl and nuricc. It's a mystery so your supposed to be confused.

Izanul Black.

I walked down the corridor, sneered at. People look down at me, it's only right. I don't deserve to be here, do I? I'm different. Different enough to be hated by people who don't even know me.

As soon as I turned into the locker room, the chanting had to begin.

'whitch. Whitch. Whitch.'The soft whispers hissed as I passed. No one threw things at me, no one talked to me directly.

'Please move, Melony.'I said in a hushed, raspy voice. The girl moved away as soon as the words spilled from my lips,' thankyou.'

I opened my locker and hung my bag up. I slowly pulled out my lunch box. I gently shut the locker door and departed, everyone made a path for me.

I walked, nearly silently, to the school roof. This is where I eat.

But much to my suprise, there was already someone sitting on the bench. I glanced at their face, there was nothing much to read from it.

'Black and White con never mix. Isn't that the saying from the book?'The boy called over, 'a child born of darkness cannot converse with a person born of light.'

'I'm familiar with it.' I whispered. My head was bowed as I shuffled to the other side of the roof. I sat down cross-legged on the floor and started eating my lunch.

'You can sit on the bench if you want.'

'Darkness and Light are incompatable.'I said in a small voice.

'Who says?'

'The Book. Therefor, I cannot be near Light.'I told him in a decisive voice.

'How did you know, how did you know I was Light?'He asked curiously.

'Your eyes, your hair, your whole self emits it.' I smiled coldly.

'So do you. Your dark eyes, dark hair, white skin, red lips. Your Darkness.'

'Why yes, I am. So you should stay back.'

Light got up and walked over. He stood tall. Light loomed over me.

'It should be me shadowing people, not Light.'

'I'm not called Light. I'm called Nuricc. Nuricc White.' He grinned, his teeth her also sparkling. I was dull, everything about me was emiting Darkness. But my pale skin made me look even more blunt and evil. Hence witch.

'Izanul Black.' I greeted him.

'Enimies without choice.' He said softly.

'Darkness and Light are not compatible. The law of The Book.'





The End

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