Angle of the past


 The hooded figure spun round rapidly, her warm blue caring eyes staring at Striker. She brushed her long blonde hair away from her face with her small yet tough and battle hardened hands.

 "You were being followed. One of the many foul creatures in this forest attacked you. You would be dead if it weren't for me. “She explained softly.

 Visions of the fight started to slowly run through Striker's mind as he hazily recalled the events. He clutched at the painful yet almost fully healed wound on his side. She walked over to Striker pulling out some bandages; she tore off small section and then slowly removed his bandages as he groaned in pain. Green puss oozed out from the slowly healing wound which she applied a white powder to; this was to Striker's discomfort, as she applied the bandage. She then reached inside her cloak once more; she produced a vial of blue liquid.

 "Take this” she ordered "it will help heal the poison in your wounds."

 Striker took the vial without question and poured its cool contents down his dry cracked throat.

 "Why are you helping me?" he asked as he studied her calculating the threat silently in his mind.

 “You don't remember me do you, Striker?" she asked.

 "How do you know my name?"

 "10 years ago when I had just turned 16 you rode by my village which was under assault from mercenaries. You rode in with the Guard and saved me from being killed. I promised myself that I would always repay that debt if i ever saw you again" she explained

 “You’re the girl from the hut?” the memories of the battle flooded into his mind. A thought was still poking about in his mind."But why are you in these woods" he asked

 “I’m not. Well I am now but I followed you. I was sitting in that hall in the fort where you seemingly assaulted an officer, which is also what happened when you were in my village-so you haven't changed much I see” as a grin crept up upon her face.

 Striker grinned cheekily.

 "When I saw you I recognised you immediately and I heard you were passing through here I thought you might need some assistance and I was right” she said as she stared at his wounds, as a concerning look overcame her face.

 "Thank you” he uttered, as he glared at the floor.

 "It was nothing. I owed you and now we are even” she explained as the solemn look returned to her face

 Striker got up and sat himself in front of the fire staring into its depths and watching it cast dancing shadows along the ground in front of him.

 "So what do we do now?"

The End

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