Helping hand

The creature lunged at Striker knocking him to the ground  as it gave out a loud screech of delight . Nipping at Striker it tired to bite down on his warm muscluar neck,its warm saliva dripping down, as it drooled over  him , wincing in disgust as it splashed down upon his face.Strikers musclar arms pushed up against the creature, forcing the it away from his neck,he was unable to reach his sword without releasing the beast upon him.He was stuck in deadlock with this tall scaly monster its teeth glinting in the light of the fire which burned in its eyes full of fury and hate.

An arrow whipped through the air and plunged itself into the side of the monster .It gave out a scream of pain as it fell away from, Striker who quickly scrambled back to his feet reaching for his sword he scanned the area looking for his mystery guardian. Quickly Snapping out of his daze and saw the monster wounded on the floor ,squealing pitfully. Striker instinctly brought his sword up and  merclilessly sliced through the monsters neck.Green blood spurted out form the stump where his head had been  killing the surrounding grass with the evil and foul fluids it contained.

He helplessly fell to his knees grasping under his right arm desperatly holding an open wound, blood began pour out gushing down his side staining his clothes.Blood pulsing tround his body unable to think clearly ,soon His vision  became hazey as a figure emerged from the bushes he  weakly reached out and with his remaining energy he let out a cry for help before collapsing to the floor .

Falling in and out of conciousness a stranger appearing dissapering ,the distant hums of chanting, the outline of a being observing his physical state. .Days and nights passed . Striker was unable to keep track of how long he had been in this condition, he was never awake long enough to see the stranger or even have the energy to ask. 

Many days later Striker awoke ,it was dark around him yet the stars were burning brightly in the sky. He sat up groaning in pain clutching at his now bandaged wound he saw the silhouette of a figure  by the fire.He stared bleajkly towards the figure.

"what happened?"he coughed harshly wincing at the pain now erupting in his throat.

The End

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