The Forest ...

Striker rapidly made his exit from the outpost bundling all of his worldy possessions and stormed out and into the land that lay before him.Not looking back only forward .The anger he felt due to the stupidity of the guard boiled up inside him surging through every veinmaking him want to lash out at something anything

Striker soon came to a long lining off trees,the begining of  a forest dominated by huge  oak trees blotting out the sun  within, leaving  only darkness .The trees seemed to suck all life out from beneath the soil, all that lay there was dirt and rocks.This forest didn't welcome Striker its silence said it all but Striker knew the next outpost was this way he had been there many times before, he was expecting a drink with an old friend which he didn't want to keep waiting..So with a long deep breath he entered the dark.

Pushing his way silently past the trees lost in his thoughts about his previous encounters and what lay ahead.The only sound that could be heard was the rustling of the dry dead leaves or the crack of the occasional twig.He passed on by briskly trying to make it out as fast as possible for he felt he was being followed .

A loud cracking noise came from the left of Striker, he rapidly turnt to face it unsheathing his sword he called out "Whos there?" No  response .Striker shook his head  and resheathed as he chuckled to himself realising it was just his mind playing tricks on him. 

  He contined his treck till he came to a clearing, it was lit by the silvery light of the moon and stars the clearing seemed to be out of place with the forest grass grew plentiful here and there was light .Striker decided to make camp for the night ,he walked over to the stump which lay directly in the center of the clearing and set up a fire sitting on the stump huddled over the fire rubbimg his hands for warmth he hard something from behind him he spun round to face it but it was too late it was upon him.                               

The End

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