An obvious truth

 The walls shook with the steps of the advancing enemy .The cries of men could be heard to prepare for the attack, as black boulders pelted over head burying themselves in the advancing regiments tearing them apart.This was shortly followed by a hails of arrows their black tips cutting through the sky blocking out what little sun there was,the cries of men painted the sky with its pain and anguish.Ladders arose and men scrmabled up to the awaiting guards kicking them back , to down to hear the slowly decreasing sound of a mans final shout before followed by the loud thud! of the earty beneath him.

Striker was among these men ,frantically running up and down the walls kicking back every ladder he could whipping his sword skilfully through the air and clean through an enemy's head,blood poured form the stump where its head once was as it fell to its knees before slumping to the floor.Completely unfazed by  his actions Stiker continued with greath skill ,running up and down the wooden walls dodging and slicing every enemy that came his way.Chopping with out mercy with compassion kicking aside corpses like dirt on the floor.

The rain only seemed to worsen making Strikers leather armour so very heavy but striker pushed on. His job was to protect and that he did.

Just as the sun appeared throguh the dark clouds the enemies began  to rout,there cries of anger turnt to cries of fear as they turnt and fled like the scum they were.The guards let out triumphant a cry as they pursued the attackers all the way to the walls, pushing them back form wence they came.

aFter the battlethe land had returned to its quiet although the was beauty now gone. The grass was soaked red witht the blood of enemies mangled corpses scattered around the battle field, the once lively wild life gone.Life was now death in this place and it reaked of it. 

Striker sprinted downstairs and emerged through the thick oak doors of the main hall and bounded straight up the head guard.Grabbing him with his strong battled hardened arms pinning him up against the wall , with a piecring stare he exclamied " You knew that was no raid , didn't you?"

" I may have" Said the guard mumbling slightly."

" You fool we could have  all been killed " He bellowed.

"Your alive arn't you?Be happy"

" What about those who died? what about their families? we should have prepared better than that.

" What do you care your just a mercenary! Scum! Now i order you take your money and leave"

He reached into his side pocket and handed striker a bag of cash  he snatched it up and stormed off.

The End

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