Suited up and ready for war

Striker descended down the staircase behind the chinking guard who may aswell fallen downstairs because it would have been alot faster ,if for not all the stops due to the weight suit of armour he was bearing.

He marched into a long narrow corridor lit by torches set into the wall, the embers of the wood falling to a pile of ash on the floor slowly petering out of existence .

They finally reached a dark room with a man sat hunched over a table in the corner with a long black beard he was clad in cheap worn leather armour .He slowly looked up to inspect Striker who glared right back. The Guard then saluted and silently made his exit as the man motioned Striker forward ,he arose from his seat encircling Striker like an eagle would its prey inspecting him from head to toe like an animal.

"Follow me" Grunted the man .

They silently paced over to a rack which bore armour of every kind he then reached for a metal breast plate before he paused and looked at Striker inquizitivly

asking bluntly "Permanent or Temporary posting"


the mans arm the rapidly shifted down a shelf pulling out a set of thick hard leather armour ,he then passed it silently to Striker before returning to his seat.He then made a gesture for him to leave . He did so without question heading back up the corridor into the main hall to find his guard laughing sitting arouna table with the others playing cards.

Striker coughed forcing to guard to look up.

 "What is it you want son?"asked the gaurd smiling up at Striker

 "I would like to be shown my bunk sir"

 "Cant it wait" he replied

"No it cant , i have been travelling for many days and would like a decents night rest if you dont mind"

"Fine........ fine,off we go then"said the now dissapointed guard looking longingly at the hand which lay for him .

The guard led Striker to the rear of the fort to a room with 6 uncomfortable looking beds and a fire roaring in the fireplace heating the cold black walls and creating shadows of the furntiture which seemed to dance round the room.The guard stood in the doorway arm outstrected pointing to his bunk and without hesitation rapidly scurried off back to his game.

Striker sat down with a sigh , he lay his possesions on the floor and lay back. He began to stare at the ceiling it soon started to become a blurry as slowly faded into a deep slumber.

The cries of men awoke Striker scores of them dashing down the hall way changing into their armour, cursing about some kind of attack.He was shaken violently by an unknown guard telling him to "get dressed" and "gear up theres an attack" . Striker jumped up out of his bed pulling on his clothes ,tripping over too find his boots, curisng as his head hit the bunk .He snatched up his word he sprinted for the ramparts finding the all to bright weather had rapidly changed .The sky was alive with the roars of thunder and flashes of lightining the rain running its way down his body dripping form his hair splashng loudly on the floor.The cries of men scraming toprepare the machines of war .Striker glared out over the rampart to see hundreds of ugly faces glaring back at him hungry for the spoils inside.

"i thought this was just meant to be a raid?" he asked the man next to him

"So did i" he replied quiverring unable to coontrol his shaking legs and unsteady hands.

The End

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