And it was her too. After all this torment, I realised, it was not the end. I was alive and free to live.  And I loved and was loved. There she was, the angel who had called to me, the girl of my dreams. Sam, Sami, my Sami.

This was when I fully understood why I came back from that world of black and blue, sky, angels and the fires of hell with Satan's daemons. The reason was indeed, future. The meaning of live is to discover. To make a future.

Think about it, I'm sure you'll see. Eternity is not for lving in physical being but in presence of mind, a memory is good enough for us, but it seems not as we fight against death. If it comes to us we need not fight for we can't as I have discovered, the gods will take us if and when they please. and if they do, so be it. For now it's little I care where or who I am. As long as Samantha is with me and old John is well, I will follow.

The End

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