Death Vs Mercy

I felt the lids of my eye sockets open, but yet I couldn't see anything, but filtrated shadows, blurred by its underlying blank surface.  A one tone beep shot off every few seconds at a constant state.  I still felt as if I were floating, and my ankles still stung with the dark hands of the unforgiving.  Wiggling my toes, I hope for some recognition that I was still alive.  I got none, my body still numb in its mid death state. 

"Only time will tell the truth of the..."  but the rest of the words were blurred like my vision, to a metallic voice I did not recognize.  I tried positioning my jaw so I could speak, only to get the pain of a thousand crocked blades shooting down the flesh of my throat.  It was then I could finally feel the pounding of my heart struggling under my chest.  The voices fluttered around in bazaar tones, with emotions I could not currently comprehend.  I thought I heard her.  And maybe she'd know...if this was death or if it was mercy.

The End

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