Attuned to Blood

I wasn't sure how much time had perspired and how many uncaring feet scuttered by when I finally heard a desperate 'Yelp!' break through my buzzing ear drums.  With my face on the ant littered pavement I watched varieties of shoes flutter past as I attuned my tongue to the iron in my blood.  I couldn't keep my damned mouth closed.  My jaw was, without question, off kilter (to say the least) and I assumed my skull had been gashed open as well, considering the blood had been making blood red river ending waterfalls off the peak of my nose. 

Pain was nonexistent at this point, in fact, feeling in general was minimal.  I felt my mind zooming in and out of consciousness, as I tried to conjure of most basic of questions.  Hands were ripping at my shoulder, while voices were turning into muffled nouns.  Hospital.  Crowbar.  Mercedes. 

My body, now twisted onto its back by too many desperate hands, was only now at my disposal.  My eyes gazed through my lashes coated with blood, into the polluted air.  It was then that I found the answer, before it all went black.

The End

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