a lone traveller getting mixed up in all kinds of plans to make himself cash and find shelter

Striker sat up staring out towards the deslote waste land which lay bare, all except for a a old beaten dirt road through the desert ,which may not have existed because of it almost matching with the sand it was covered in. He began to calculate how long it would take him to reach the next outpost and new life no more sand in your clothes ,or checkin your boots in the morning for deadly creatures of the land watching, wating to attack you.He began to look forward to the green pastures which lay ahead reminding him of his homeland,welcoming him.

He arose from is sleepsack and took up his blade still stained with the blood from last nights kill. He flicked it skilfully through the air and resheathed it, as he trudged over to his boots  beating  and'battering them to check for bugs .After discovering that they're safe he lazily pulls them on and strecthes out with a deep and long yawn. He continues to pack his gear up tightly in his back pack and continue his long and ardgious journey.

Striker never really had a home travelling was all he needed and the wide open spaces were his comapanions admiring the subtlety and beauty in nature was his hobby.Being lonely never bothered him really .He would loan himself out to merceneries if needs be but only when money was low for him.

Hours passed by till Striker reached the immensly huge outpost fort made of dark thick oak wood  ,its walls towering over him.Standing out form the light clear  land surrounding it .Its huge doors didnt seem all too welcoming to striker then again neither did any permanent accomadation,afterall why stay in one place when you can stay in many.

When Striker entered the outpost it was full of activity guards discussing previous violent encounters and war wounds they gained.Families discussing there next way point oblivious to the mischief caused by there young.One of which headed straight for striker which he skilfully dodged and carried on walking uncaring of his surrondings.He slowly ascended up the dark and winding staircase to the well lit door way connected to a large room.Lay with a large hard oak desk in the centre piled with scraps of arrest warrants and budget papers lying everywhere its a mystery how this place never set on fire its pretty much a giant bonfire waiting to be lit thought Striker.Out from Behind him came a low rumble of noise slowly gaining in volume Striker span round to face the incoming creature to see a large round man clad in overly expensive plate armour which obviously lacked in maneovourabilty making it totally useless and voiding its purpose noted striker.

The Man looked up inquizzitvly asking" Who may i ask are you?"

Striker shaprly responded "Im Striker i was for guard duty for a fortnight"

Ah just in time word about says we are expecting a raid soon we need every man we can get"

" A raid? i was only told guard duty i was told nothing about a raid"

"Yes and gaurd you shall.You will be guarding us from the raid"

Striker glared  at the man in anger knwing he needed the money so he had to take the job

"Fine ill take the job" said Striker angrily

"Good ,follow me ill take you to be suited up"

The End

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