Janitor's Office

Why on earth would someone leave  a diary in a plant? It's just stupid. Janitors aren't peoples' slaves. We're not here to clean up when people can't be bothered to put something in the bin. We have an altogether more important purpose to our lives.

I'm such a liar. I'm sitting in a janitor's office reading this "Travelling Diary" and writing this. It's because I'm done cleaning up for the day. That's what I do. Clear up. My boyfriend says my job has an altogether more important meaning, but I don't believe him. Oh yeah, "BOYFRIEND". You read correctly. I'm a GIRL. This is why my life is so terrible!

I was going places when I was younger. I had enough qualifications to be a good doctor, or at least a nurse. But no. My Nanna died half way through my last semester of college. So I had to go to Italy and miss finals. And so I'm now a janitor. Where is my life going now? No-where.

My Mum always says I could still be a doctor, but I need the money. I can't afford to retake all my finals. Impossible. Unless...

I've begged my boyfriend time and time again to let me quit for a bit, to go back to college, but he's an artist. He doesn't have a fixed income, and so he relies on janitor-money.

He's not a brilliant boyfriend, I must admit. He nags me about money, although I make it, and he wants to spend it. He tells me I'm stuck as a janitor for my whole life, although I know that I could do better.

I'm looking at the college booklet on my desk. I could go back, I could make everything better...

I'd love to be able to write that at this moment I decided to dump the boyfriend, have another go at my life, and then become a world-renowned doctor, but I can't. It's just not practical. I drop the booklet into the bin. It will never happen. Those things only ever happen in fairy-tales.

Maybe the Travelling Diary can't help me.

The End

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